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Apr 22, 2013 04:30 PM

Bacon crazy

Went to Chop Bar last night. I ordered the burger, my wife ordered the meat loaf. Burger is fine, though it wasn't medium rare as ordered and included two rashers of bacon. Wife's meatloaf had bacon ground into it, and she said all she could taste was the bacon. What is it with bacon? Seems like hip restaurants are just loading everything up with it. (The mixed salad had bacon in it too, but at least the chef used a light hand with it. In fact, the salad was the best dish of the evening.)

What next? Rhubarb-Strawberry crisp with bacon topping? Cherry pie with bacon ice cream?

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  1. I think the bacon fad might have peaked three or four years ago. Around that time I ate, saw, or heard about maple bacon doughnuts, maple bacon lattes, bacon Manhattans, deep-fried bacon, chocolate-covered bacon, bacon-studded chocolate, bacon ice cream, and cupcakes with bacon-cream cheese frosting.

    1. Chop bar is particularly bad at this. I think they've moved from healthy/fresh upscale gastro food towards heavier meat-focused food in the last few years. I know it's called "chop" bar but when it first opened meat was not the guaranteed star in every dish. On another note, their prices basically doubled at some point in 2010-2012. If you're looking for a good soup/salad type of meal it's a skip. The brunch is still good, but IMO Chop Bar not worth the cash or the crowds anymore. Sad to say because it used to be a multiple-time a week go-to place back in 2009-2010.