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Apr 22, 2013 04:16 PM

15 lb. turkey causing marital discord.

Defrosted this 15 lb. turkey, in fridge, starting last Wednesday. Figured it would be good to go on Sat. or Sun. Unforseen stuff happening, it won't be cooked until tomorrow. (almost a week) In fridge for total defrost time........... still ok to cook or defrosted too long? Won't disclose which half wants to cook, which half wants to toss. Thanks all!

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  1. Was it Frozen Solid on Wednesday?
    Is it in something, or "just" the shrinkwrap container?
    How flexible are the legs?
    Has it been out of the fridge At ALL since it went in?
    What's the temperature setting of your fridge?

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    1. re: Kris in Beijing

      It was frozen solid Wed. Put in fridge Wed. Frozen in original shrink wrap plus al. foil and large plastic bag. Fridge is nice and chilly, holds close to 40 usually.

      1. re: chowette22

        With two extra layers of insulation, I wouldn't be surprised if there was still a little bit of ice lingering....

      2. If it's been in the fridge continuously since Wednesday, it'll be ok for tomorrow (Tuesday). A turkey that big will take the better part of five days to thaw in the fridge, anyway.

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        1. re: ricepad

          Absolutely agree.
          I wouldn't be surprised if the "innerds" were still frozen.