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Apr 22, 2013 03:46 PM

Dinners for a single

What places work well for a single diner....would prefer maybe bar seating....??? Tropical Isle, Root, Emerils??? Any suggestions?

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  1. Dominica, the Joint, Herbsaint, Cochon, St. Lawrence, Sylvain, Stanley, the Port of Call, Maurepas Foods, Suis Generis, Borracho[*], Mahoney's, Magazin Cafe ... all places I've sat solo at the bar recently.

    I've never eaten at Root because the one time I tried I was told I couldn't sit at the bar and eat. Don't know what's up with that.

    [*] in Kajun's Pub. While a far, far cry from fine dining, there's actually table service and the food is better than just acceptable (try the chicken wings).

    Tropical Isle?

    1. I would second Maurepas and add Coquette, Lilette and La Petite Grocery for Uptown choices. And Tropical Isle?, unless you sit down on a stool while they mix your Hand Grenade! Not a food destination by any means. Have a nice time wherever you go!

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      1. re: sanglier

        Just a heads up: as a single sitting at the bar, I wouldn't add LPG to any of your lists. I had a horrible (and I mean "write to the chef" horrible) experience there. The service was immature at best and the food was inedible -- I was served pasta that had been so undercooked it was raw flour in the middle and stuck together in a clump. It was obvious the bartender knew there was a problem but lacked the chops to deal with it. One of the few places in town I won't visit.

        Coquette and Lilette -- on the other hand -- are great.

        1. re: montuori

          Wow, that bad?! I wonder if there was a flu epidemic and the dishwasher pitched in for Justin? Seriously, that's surprising, thanks for the head's up, I'll keep closer tabs on them in light of your report.

          1. re: sanglier

            Justin, in fact, wrote back and explained that he wasn't in the kitchen that night (it was early in the week and late in the evening). Worse than the poorly prepared food was the lack of training given the bartender. I've come to expect decent service in places in LPG's price range and they really fell far short.

            I know lots of people enjoy the place and he's well regarded as a chef, so it might simply have been a concatenation of lousy circumstances. Still, it's one of only three places in town on my no-dine list.

            (Thanks, below, for your comments about the Besh Steakhouse -- it's to my detriment I haven't been to La Boca yet; I'll change that soon.)

      2. Didn't mean Tropical Isle...what is the place across from the Convention center????? What other places near the Convention center or Hilton Riverside???

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          You have Root on Julia and Fulton; RioMar on Julia and S. Peters, one short block over; and Mulate's at the corner of Convention Center Blvd. and Julia. Actually, though they have a lot of tourists, the food isn't that bad at Mulate's. I wouldn't make a special trip there, mind you, but...In the Hilton Riverside is the 2nd location for Drago's. I'd avoid. You are closer to Ruth's Chris, Grand Isle,and Besh Steakhouse in Harrah's casino.

          1. re: sanglier

            How is the Besh Steakhouse? I usually slum it at the PoC when I'm in the mood for a steak (hell, 23 bucks for a ribeye?) or hit up Mr John's if I'm feeling extravagant. Where does JBS sit on the continuum?

            1. re: montuori

              I only go when I get dragged there by craps-crazed friends...who also WIN that night! I like La Boca better, overall, but no denying the quality of the beef, sauces and sides. Good but too-marked-up wine list. Kind of a "when in Rome..." situation.

          2. Luke, Coop's, Acme, Felix.

            1. There is a small counter in the main dining room at Emeril's that is adjacent to (and looks directly into) the kitchen. It makes an ideal spot for a single diner, and is in many ways the best seat in the house.

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              1. re: Gizmo56

                What about they have the same type of thing?

                1. re: ncara

                  I'm not certain about whether there is a matching arrangement at NOLA...perhaps you could give them a call.

                  1. re: ncara

                    NOLA has a food bar at the wood oven next to the Chef or sous who's expediting. It is quite a show for a single, and you usually get chatting with your neighbors there (I think it seats 4 or 5) or the line cook. You can also eat at the bar bar.