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Mar 9, 2002 02:50 PM

SA Mexican--La Fogata? Still any good?

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I am a transplanted Texan who is going to be in NW San Antonio for two days to visit a sick aunt, and I figure the one diversion I can hope for is a really good Mexican meal. I am intrigued by the endorsements of El Mirador and The Little House, neither of which I think I have been to (though EL Mirador sounds familiar). I used to go to La Fogata a lot back in the day, at least ten years ago, but I wonder if it is still really that good. Should that be my delicious mexican food destination if I don't get a chance to get across town try El Mirador? Anyone care to chime in with fresh opinions, or suggest NW San Antonio alternatives? I like both Tex-Mex and puro Mex, and I am kind of a cheese enchilada girl.

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