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Apr 22, 2013 01:29 PM

Affordable birthday dinner in Williamsburg?

Hi all,

I'm looking for the perfect place for a birthday dinner this weekend. It will be ~8 people, vegetarians aplenty but adventurous eaters otherwise. I'm looking for entrees in the 8-15 dollar range (the cheaper the better), at a sit-down location in Williamsburg (on the North Side), ideally within 5ish blocks of the Bedford stop. Also, I need to be able to make a reservation, since we're a large group.

Hope that's not too many criteria! Open to many cuisines (favorites include but are not limited to Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, Ethiopian).

Some places that have come up after a little initial research are Oregano, Bay Leaf, and Ella Cafe. Thoughts on those or other places welcome. (N.B. I've been to Sea too many times, and was not super impressed by Wild Ginger—though those might both seem like obvious choices. Zenkichi is amazing but too intimate—and too expensive—for these purposes.)

Looking forward to your ideas! Thanks for your help as always.

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  1. your options for cheap and good in that neighborhood are pretty limited.

    if forced to choose, i'd say meatball shop. they have veg options (despite specializing in meatballs), take reservations for 8 or more people, and are inexpensive without compromise in quality.

    qi is a new place that also takes reservations and is near the train-- i haven't been there, but it comes from (at least one of) the sripraphai people, which makes me think it won't be bad.

    fornino is also good for pizza (although i don't know if they take reservations), and cubana social has decent food as well (although it's pretty loud, they have live music if you're into that).

    there may be others, but these are really the only ones i can personally vouch for. i wouldn't touch wild ginger or sea with a five foot pole, but i do love zenkichi. if you wanna go super cheap, you can always head to oasis. ;)

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      Thank you so much! These are great ideas. I hadn't heard of Qi, but I trust the Sripraphai association, so I decided to go for it and made a reservation. They even said they could accommodate my gluten-free friend. I'll try to remember to report back here.

      Thanks again!