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Apr 22, 2013 12:20 PM

Corton or The Modern?

I might be able make it back to the city with my girlfriend for a night in the next month or so, I was looking at Corton or The Modern for dinner. Looking for something in that price range and level of food/experience.

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  1. Corton is excellent; I've had dinner there twice in the past 7 months. Food is very creative.

    1. Corton is even getting better these days. More variety of more labor intensive dishes per course and they are delicious. Service used to be an issue, but their current serving staff are great.

      1. Sounds like the two prior replies have much more recent info than I do. I went a couple years ago and found the food very interesting but also a bit dizzying and the service definitely lacking. They definitely did a lot of interesting and complicated plates, but I felt as if they never explained them, and the service was rushed.

        The Modern is not as interesting with regard to the food, but the service is much more polished.

        In a way, it's an unfair comparison since they are so different.

        If I could add two more thoughts: not far from The Modern is Aquavit which is now every innovative and has very good service. It's not as expensive as Corton, and the decor is not as warm, but it is still very special. I'd also suggest Eleven Madison Park.

        1. I prefer the Modern. The atmosphere, the food, and the service were all better than at Corton. The Modern even gave me an umbrella to keep, because it was raining.
          Corton , i find their menu sounds amazing. But the dishes don't deliver. The flavors and combinations of ingredients are there to sound "gourmet" or "intriguing" but they don't mesh together. The waitstaff are below par. The atmosphere is ummm boring.
          If you have a 3rd choice, My recommendation would be Jungsik.

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          1. re: foodwhisperer

            I agree with you.Corton's service left much to be desired previously, but it is getting better now, and their courses have more variety and more number of dishes now. I was impressed with the recent three dinners I had for the past three months.

            Some of the dishes I particularly liked were:
            "Fried Sayori Bones with cotton cady and herbs". This was the second Sayori dish that followed "Sayori with chilled tofu creme, umami gelee,fresh ginger, lime confit and five-year aged soy". Not only eye-appealing but also delicious! Reminded me of Japanese deep-fried fish bones following sashimi.

            "Torte of sweetbread, foie gras, and squab wrapped with pastry dough". It was divine.

            1. re: kosmose7

              I'll give Corton another try. It is very convenient for me to eat there. The last time I went was total disappointment in all regards, but I am always open to giving a place another shot, Especially since you say things have gotten better. thanks

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                Let me know because I was unimpressed with my one visit. I'd appreciate the perspective of another skeptic!

                1. re: StevenCinNYC

                  I'll report back in next couple of weeks. After I go to 15 East and Jungsik again.

          2. Corton, hands down. Although I have to admit it's tough to beat the service at The Modern. Some people find the room at Corton sterile, but I like it.