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Apr 22, 2013 11:52 AM

Charlottesville - Please Help Me Decide

We have one night in Charlottesville. Got lots of restaurant recommendations. Narrowed it down to Glass Haus Kitchen or C&O. Which should we choose? My impression from reading reviews is that C&O is very solid but maybe not super-exciting. Glass Haus seems more exciting/experimental, and wife likes the idea of chef who won a James Beard award. But I also read some negative reviews about food being uneven, portions too small, and some service issues (as well as some very good reviews). So.... which should be pick? Thanks!

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  1. Glass Haus is pretty new so we haven't been yet. Everyone I've spoken to who has eaten there has enjoyed it. I think there are often kinks to work out in a new business. C&O is consistently good and has been for many years.

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      Any more reviews of Glass Haus now it has settled in? The menu looks great

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        They're utterly fantastic. Really creative, well executed food. The atmosphere is really nice and the bar/bartender are excellent. I"m a big enough fan that I've booked the place for a Saturday in December for a birthday party.

        The food: they do a lot of stuff riffing on various foods from parts of Asia (Congee, ramen and such). They also do things like roasted bone marrow. I've had excellent short ribs, wonderful duck dishes and the desserts are also fun.

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          And, it turns out, they're also closing. Apparently the chef is moving on for personal reasons. This Saturday the 26th of October, 2013 is the last service.