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Dinner recommendation Midtown/Upper East Side for Sat night

Would love a recommendation for dinner this Saturday evening. Visiting from Boston and meeting some family from Philly. Staying between Midtown and the Upper East Side. Italian preferred. Thanks so much!

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    1. We love five Italian places in Midtown and Murray Hill:
      I Trulli
      Sam's Place

      1. If you're open to French, you may want to consider Orsay. Also, Artisanal is fun for a group, sharing fondues, etc.

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            I'll second Ai Fiori! Hadn't thought of that. Marea is really Upper West Side.

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              Never been to Uva, but it looks good. Thanks for mentioning. It seems more straightforward fare than Ai Fiori so it depends on what they want. Good to know for me, too!

            2. Price range? Does that price include drinks as well? If so, how much do you drink? Very hard to say without. Some of the suggestions so far are decent, but some could be very expensive as well.

              How may people in your party? Could be tough getting a rez this close.

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                Ai Fiori is a big place and not too unlikely to have room, I think, but it is rather expensive (though great and worth it for those who can pay the money).

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                  Yes, it's in a funny spot in a way--even though I think it's great, I never think to go to that neighborhood. The only reason I made it there was friends from CT chose it. I'm really glad that they did, but I don't think that they generally book up too far in advance so I agree that they could have tables available, and it would certainly make it a more special occasion.

                  From what I can tell, if you really want to stick to midtown or UES Italians, I'd say Ai Fiori as the best choice for more inventive fare and Uva for what sounds like great but perhaps more straightforward food (I've never been to Uva, but btwn a hound mentioning it and great reviews and nice menu online, it does seem like a good choice).

                  Let us know what you decide and what you think...