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Any good restaurants near the Berklee Performance Center?

any restaurants close to the Berklee Performance Center that
are worth trying?

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  1. Price range and walking radius? There's lots of options in the vicinity.

    1. L'Espalier (Boylston)

      Sorelllina (Huntington)

      La Voile (Newbury)

      1. For many yrs we have always eaten at Sonsie before a Berklee show. Large menu, interesting and seasonal, consistent. Exc wine list and craft drinks. Handsome comfortable room. We always get the large plates and not the pizza, bar food/small plates.

        1. I like Pho Basil on Mass Ave going towards Symphony Hall. It's Thai and Vietnamese.

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            +1 on Pho Basil. We dined there before a concert at Berklee just this past Sunday night. Reliable, tasty, and convenient before a show. They also took a reservation for our party of 4, which is a big plus because it's quite the popular spot before performances.

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              My wife and I live really close, and we love the Vietnamese side of the Pho Basil menu.

              For Thai, we prefer Bangkok City a short block up Mass Ave.

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                Thank you for sharing this. It's great to have solid and not pricey dinner options to enjoy pre-concert.

            2. when is your show? much of that neighborhood remains closed.

              1. thanks everyone Pho Basil it is!
                It's to hear the French group Paris Combo
                May 3

                1. You might also consider Symphony Sushi, behind Symphony Hall just off Huntington. Solid, inexpensive, unpretentious sushi: it no doubt horrifies the Oya crowd, but it more than gets the job done.

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                    I agree, I'm in the 'hood and I'm a regular patron. It more than fits the bill, I've loved the service over the years and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place pre-Symphony or pre-Berklee.

                  2. In the other direction, also quite close, are deuxave, asta, and Clio/uni.

                    1. On the opposite side of Mass. Ave., across the bridge over the turnpike, Bhindi Bazaar is a good Indian restaurant with various regional specialties.

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                        Bhindi Bazaar has been closed for almost a year.