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Apr 22, 2013 11:34 AM

Authenic Old Time Paris Bistro

For those of you who SAY you want to experience an authentic old time Paris bistro; I think we found it today.

Bar Fleuri, 1 rue du PLateau (19th) M Buttes Chaumont.
Poulet Fermier / Frites 7E, Saucisse/Lentils 9.5E, Rillettes du Canard 4E, 500ml Rose 6E. Not fancy, not gourmet but all very good and satisfying. Poulet as good as any you'll see roasting on the streets. Tiny space with friendly attentive service. Neighborhood place where you are guaranteed not to see any tourists.

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  1. Hallelujah! A visitor who is willing to explore! Many thanks for your report.

    It really is a picture-postcard kind of place but, stuck in HLM-land, it's even more incongruous that it has managed to retain the sense of authenticity. Personally I love these mixed quartiers where redevelopment and logements sociaux have left delightful untouched islands of the old "Paname".

    1. Thanks, Jock.

      Was checking it out and came across this;
      "Du lundi au samedi de 6h30 à 20h30 (restauration le midi uniquement)."
      So they are not open for dinner, I guess... Rats.

      (Just doors down from Quedubon, I imagine a few tourists have walked by if not into BF. ;) )

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      1. re: mangeur

        We were headed for Quedubon but forgot they are closed on Monday. Serendipity.

        1. re: mangeur

          "So they are not open for dinner, I guess... Rats"
          Ah, we do have different circadian cycles.

          1. re: mangeur

            Madame Mangeur, a long morning walk through the gorgeous but often hilly Buttes-Chaumont park while wittily arguing with your delightful hubby about the influence of Kierkegaard on French existentialism will put you in a pattern-breaking mood for lunch at le Bar Fleuri. Always works for me. :)

            1. re: Parnassien

              Sounds divine. But we really can only handle one meal a day, and when it bounces back and forth between lunch and dinner, it does upset our balance.

              It's easy to vary your main meal when you are eating mostly at home. But when you are living out of restaurants 24/21, consistency does help digestion and sleep.