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Apr 22, 2013 10:21 AM

Guy's Healthy Home Cooking Spreads

I just tried the Green Pea Pâte and the Almond Spread from Guy's Healthy Home Cooking. They appear to be based in Jamaica Plain. I bought them at the Meat House in Brookline. Not sure where else to get them; maybe Marty's in Newton? Really enjoyed both of the spreads. The Green Pea Pâte is more savory and went well with French bread as well as with crackers and matzah as an appetizer. The Almond Spread is a bit sweeter and is nicer, I think, with bread and cheese after dinner, or perhaps with breakfast. It is reminiscent of the almond filling that comes in some croissants. They have a Facebook page, but I don't think they have their own website.

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  1. From the post title, I was fearful that this was a Guy Fieri item! Ha! Sounds good though, and always great to support a local product. I wonder if they are using Crop Circle Kitchens in JP for their production?

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    1. re: Science Chick

      Yes, Guy cooks out of CropCircle Kitchen.

    2. We just discovered Guy at the Lexington Farmer's market when it opened a few weeks ago. Everything we've tried has been fantastic, but we especially love the labane (labneh) with its drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of sumac. My daughter eats the walnut spread daily and we all love the very fresh (not from canned chickpeas) hummus. The green pea pate is healthy and delicious enough to have for a light dinner on crackers. I can easily down half a container at one sitting.

      We now go every week, and if I tell the guy (actually, I think it is Guy) that there's just a little green pea pate or hummus left in the fridge, he'll chew me out and tell me I need to finish it quickly because "This is fresh food, fresh food." And it is.

      Stop at his stand, then pick up whole wheat pita bread from Samira's stall, and roll up your spread with arugula from Busa Farms. Wash it down with Turtle Creek's estate Chardonnay.

      1. I just picked up the Green Pea Pate tonight at our local Meat House branch (ARL). It's quite tasty slathered on my homemade rosemary flatbread. Subtle but just savory enough.

        (As an aside, this is quick shout-out to the Meat House. I've come to love the staff - the beer and wine/catering guys are both quite passionate about what they do. I just got Dogfish Head Namaste there and it's become my go-to for malbec. And the fact that they carry Lagunitas Wilco beer is enough to make me a devotee for this non-meat eater!)

        1. I braved the rain and went to the Lexington Farmer's Market today just to get the green pea pate. OH MY GOODNESS it is good, and OH MY GOODNESS it is expensive! How much do you pay for this at the Meat House? It cost $7 at the market.

          It is sweeter than I expected but I can see how one could eat most of the container in a sitting. Yum.

          I would have also bought the hummus, but Guy said he accidentally oversalted and let me try - bit too salty for me this week. Maybe next week. By then I may be able to justify how much I pay for this stuff.

          My stomach is grateful to Chowhound; my wallet, not so much. :)

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            Every week, I go to Guy's stall, and yes, it is a wallet buster! On Tuesday, he introduced me to his whole wheat pita breads (imported frozen from Jerusalem) and they are probably the best I've ever eaten. With those, the hummus and that addictive feta-walnut spread, I spent $23. Ouch!