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Apr 22, 2013 10:12 AM

sushi - amaebi + fried heads?

Got a friend who's been on the hunt for some fried shrimp heads and only amaebi will do.

Anyone got a solid lead? Evidently she's been trying to find it for a while...

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    1. re: ns1

      Pretty much any decent sushi place if they are serving amaebi. It's considered a throw-in item, not any kind of delicacy. This query comes up about once a year, so doing a search won't hurt. Also, I would suggest botan ebi, which are bigger. I'm not even sure they fry up amaebi heads in Japan. It's usually botan ebi, but not sure of their availability here.

    2. amaebi season is over. Botan ebi is available at many places Kanoyama, Sushi Gari, Blue Ribbon Izakaya, and many more. As Silverjay said it is not a delicacy and not hard to find. I prefer amaebi over botan ebi, but that's a winter thing. If your friend likes the fried heads, your friend might like fried aji bones which they serve at Blue Ribbon Izakaya along with the aji sashimi.

      1. I too was surprised she could not find amaebi with fried shrimp heads, but clearly she was not looking hard enough.