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Apr 22, 2013 09:37 AM

Coffee in North County

Seeking any favorites you have.

The past couple years I've settled into:

Cafe Ipe (Encinitas)
Barista can make a noticeable difference; comfy atmosphere.

Le Rendez-Vous French Bakery (Oceanside)
Quaint little shop (for a strip mall) that has nice French owners. Not all their staff knows how to make espresso so one time I could not order it. It's more of a pastry and atmosphere choice for me (Oceanside is hurting in this area) but coffee has always been nice.

Lush (Vista)
I like their drive through location better for friendly baristas. Their new shop location nearby is painfully lacking in atmosphere.

Old California Coffee House (San Marcos)
Awesome atmosphere. I only get here a couple times a year and I'm not well informed about their coffee, but I recall enjoying it.

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  1. Haven't been for quite some time but depending on the barista the espresso/cappuccino at E Street Cafe in Enciitas was quite good

    1. Petite Madeline Oceanside. Nice airy location all the pastries are made from scratch in house as are all their breads. I only drink Iced Black Coffee but nice smooth non bitter flavor.

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        Have not tried the coffee but I agree on the pastries.. One day the 5 S traffic was bad so I decided to go the coastal route and saw their sign. Bought 6 of the cinnamon/croissant rolls,( i think they call them all day rolls) and some croissants, delicious!!

      2. Encinitas: Lofty Coffee Co. Just went today. Fantastic. Maybe my new favorite coffee place in N County.