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Apr 22, 2013 09:27 AM

One lunch, two breakfasts and two dinners in Tokyo. What is a girl to do?

Hello, I have being doing my best to comb through past discussions on this board to learn more. I am reaching out to get a better handle on plans as my time in Tokyo will be so short.

Here are the details that I am working within:

I am afraid that I do not speak any Japanese and will most likely need to count on the assistance of the hotel for any reservations. I booked a hotel in the Nihombashi area. I will arrive late one evening in time for dinner, then have a full day to explore, and then have a flight later the next day (so perhaps time for breakfast and a viewing of the Tsujiki market).

I would like to only eat Japanese food for all meals and would like to stay under $100 US per meal per person. I would prefer to avoid any chain restaurants and locations that would find me to be a difficult guest since I don't speak Japanese. This is a first time trip as a true adult to Japan. I would like to have sushi twice and then perhaps another true dish to the region (perhaps soba, tempura, or whatever else you may suggest to a newbie with a wish to begin a palate).

My next homework assignment will be how to behave in a sushi restaurant for table manners:-)

I really appreciate anyone's help. I am seeing much about the following: Sushi Iwa, Kanesake, Sushi Uoshin, Soba Hosokawa, Soba Marutomi, Sushi Taichi, and Daigo. I am unsure of the lead time needed for these for reservations. Please let me know if I need to provide any additional information to assist in your recommendations. Many thanks.

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  1. If you really want to have sushi twice (I'd just do it once as a full meal, and then maybe get a snack at a depachika, supermarket, or convenience store--not as good quality of course, but probably better than what you'd get wherever you're from, and I wouldn't waste a second full meal on something I've already had), do one at tsukji for breakfast. I suggest that only because there aren't a lot of options for breakfast, so you'd basically be stuck at your hotel for both those meals.

    But rather than sushi, I'd probably go to Nakaya and get the uni + ikura don. That's a personal preference, though, because I really only enjoy ikura, uni, and hotate (plus anago, unagi, and saba. any sometimes amaebi).

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      My favorite is Iwasa-Zushi in Tsukiji.
      When I go to Tsukiji, everytime have lunch in there.
      I usually order 'Jo Nigiri' Y2,600.

    2. I think that is possible to do both lunch and dinner. Lunch set at sushi Iwa, at 5000yens, is a small set of 8 nigiris pieces set, and dinner sushi Uoshin at Higashi Ikebukuro is affordable. The younger son speaks English, dinner is at 4800.-yens. Yes, there are some manner to respect : an important one is to not to wear parfume !! Also, I recommend to eat with your hands, as good chef will make their nigiris softer than those meant to be handled with chopstick. And if you want to order supplement, do it before eating the sweet omelet.. keep in mind supplement is expensive, around 1500-2000yens per piece at sushi Iwa and less than 1000yens at sushi Uoshin Ikebukuro. If you want to taste raw(non frozen) maguro, put on your cheek while eating, the best place to eat the 'akami(red)' is at sushi Sasaki, difficult to find though, and besides, its availibility depends on the season your coming !!

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        For proper manners, can I suggest a thorough review and study of the following:

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          Well I do know this funny video, and posted it on the Chowhound, here the link :

          Reference to sushi, many love it, but don't know much about it, or even passing command !!

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            Of course, I neglected to search the board ! Ironic that I was replying to your post...

      2. Hello everyone, I appreciate your comments and will begin my "quest" and report back thereafter.

        Thank you.

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          So, how was your dining experience, assuming you are by now finished and have left Nihonbashi?