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Apr 22, 2013 09:26 AM

La Brasserie on Davie

Per comments here in January, the restaurant has been on the market. I just noticed that there is a meaningful change in the on-line menu. Does anyone know if the place in fact was sold, and, if so, whether there have been changes in the kitchen staff?

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  1. I have been by there recently and still have seen the owners working the floor. Looks like a menu change to me. The 2 meals I had were both great and the place seemed busy.

    1. I stopped by La Brasserie for dinner last night. Seems the ownership remains the same, and the restaurant is off the market -- although the owners are looking to open a second place. That said, there have been changes. The wait staff is new -- the ladies who had held forth in the dining room seemingly are all gone -- and the kitchen staff also seems new, for the most part. As noted, there is a new, shorter menu and a smaller wine list. The standard daily specials have been replaced by a nightly ad hoc addition.

      My food choices were good -- a worthy onion soup and an oven roasted rack of pork that was the Thursday special. However, I will miss some of the items that have been dropped from the menu, for example, the butcher's plate and the idea that I can choose the night to visit based upon known specials (e.g. the terrific wienerschnitzel).