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Apr 22, 2013 08:36 AM


I just made a stock out of a ham bone....What to make besides a bean type soup?

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  1. Beyond bean, lentil, or pea soup there is no reason not to use it, in the same measure, for the broth/stock in other soups. Ham barley, ham vegetable, beer cheese, etc. It's asparagus season and I think it would be great in cream of asparagus soup.

    Likewise, use it in pilaf or risotto. When making mac&cheese, cook the pasta in broth. If there's a lot, boil it down and freeze the concentrated stock in small containers, diluting when you use it.

    1. Greens! You will end up with wonderful pot likker. Or perhaps Hoppin' John.

      1. Thanks, I did just cook pasta in some broth and am making Mac and Cheese (all different kinds) with ham. Should be good..

        1. I know you already made stock, but next time you have a ham bone, MAKE THIS! This is one terrific soup :0)

          Yes, it's a bean (and greens) soup, but a little out of the ordinary and it's really, really good.

          1. I use my ham stock in potato/ham/cheese soup.

            This week, I used some frozen ham stock to make baked beans with dried navy beans.