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Apr 22, 2013 08:28 AM

Milan to Venice road trip!

This is way crazy last minute so I haven't had time to do my usual obsessive research. I'll be doing a one-week trip starting in Milan and ending up in Venice with a very flexible route mostly following the Po River. Does anyone have any recommendations for towns/cities/restaurants/markets or whatever might be along the way that are worth a stop? Really very vague here because we don't quite know where we'll be stopping so we're open to suggestions. Also need good food in Venice, where we'll be spending a couple of nights at the end. NOT high end - local neighbourhood type food would be best. I know Venice is a tourist town but we are not interested in the scene. Probably staying near Rialto. Thanks for any help at all.

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  1. Osteria della Villetta dal 1900 in Palazzolo sull'Oglio.

    Antica Corte in Polesine Parmense

    La Buca in Zibello

    Mantova: Il Cigno
    Antica Osteria ai Ranari
    La Porta Accanto

    L'Oca Giuliva in Ferrara