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Apr 22, 2013 08:26 AM

Whole Foods Market in NYC: Best kosher products?

The few times I've been to a WF it seemed to me that they do not stock very many kosher certified products, esp. when compared to Trader Joe's or Costco. A search of their website wasn't terribly helpful either.

They do have a small kosher section but the stocked items are the year-round go-to items like gefilte fish, grape juice and borscht. ;)

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  1. True. They used to stock a lot of small-label bread, baked goods, and, especially, many brands of organic processed foods that had kosher supervision.

    Now they mostly stock house brands, relatively few of which have hechscherim. Not a particularly useful store for a kosher consumer.

    (Only exception: many gentrifying downtowns with no other supermarkets will have a Whole Foods where the starving kosher business traveler can find pita, hummus, and Friendship cottage cheese - and avert famine.)

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      Yep, def agree. We ate our way thru WF in SF

    2. With TJ chocolate chips being labelled dairy, WF has one of the few national brand chips that are still parve. They're much more expensive than TJ, but at least you're paying for quality as opposed to paying for the lousy kosher brand.

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        I must say that I have been impressed with the Glick's chocolate chips. I bought a ton after Pesach at about 69 cents a bag. I just made something with them the other day and they really smell and taste good. They are slightly smaller than some other brands, which I also like. I'm not claiming to be an expert, but I currently have those open as well as an open bag of Shop-Rite chips, so I just did a taste test. I think the Glick's are far superior.