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Apr 22, 2013 08:17 AM

St. Petersburg (Russia, not Florida)

Is there still a restaurant and store at the Choral synagogue. Do they open regular hours, the hours they announce. How is the food at the restaurant?

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  1. Promising info from the shul in St. Petersburg: "Kosher stores of the synagogue yard open daily exept Saturday, restaurant-the same.There is also the nice kosher cafe "Golden Cafe" 10 min walk from synagogue, address:27, Lermontovsky prospekt, e-mail goldencafespb@gmail.com"

    I had been puzzled by a previous failure to respond ot my queries. And by conflicting online info. Long experience having taught me that not all communities that feature kosher restaurants and stores on their web pages still operate said eateries.

    Still curious to hear reports from anyone who has been there recently.

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      My niece was there in late August. The kosher stores in he sysnagogue complex saw her through her 5 day stay. I asked her about Golden Cafe and she said she was told by locals that it was closed for vacation (she didn't verify it).

      I, OTOH am old I haven't been in that city since it was called Leningrad and had to bring food in with us from Helsinki on a 2 day visa. At that time almost all westerners had to bring food in with them (kosher or trief) if they wanted something edible and fresh. This was in the late 70s.

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        Hi Adina
        Suddenly found your question while browsing for Saint-Petersburg, FL =)
        Maybe the answer is not relevant to you but I believe it can help someone else

        WRT restaurants in St-Petersburg:
        There is a restaurant in the synagogue - it's working all usual days (except shabbat of course) - you can come any time and eat
        The menu is not big but it's ok

        Also, Golden cafe usually works every day, I haven't heard about any vacations (especially during the summer - hot tourist season in St-Petersburg)

        There are also some "catering/culinary" from Yeshiva - it's quite cheap and not of a high quality but if you require a lot of food this option is good for you. They also deliver kosher lunches across the city - also eatable.

        Kosher products can be bough in 3 main stores which sell same stuff for different prices: 2 of them are located in synagogue backyard and also there is another one in yeshiva.

        If you have any question feel free to ask

      2. Kosher store at the synagogue is an excellent resource. The community is large enough that it keeps regular hours 10 - 7, open later in summertime. Fresh bread and pastry. An attractive outdoor seating area where you can eat what you have just purchased with hot tea, coffee or a soft drink.

        Well stocked with tinned and dry foods (crackers, hummus, meat, fish, tomato sauce) A refrigerator case of fresh meat. Also things you can take out a make make a meal of, refrigerated lox, fish roe, hummus, salami, cheese.

        It's well stocked and well kept, clean , friendly.

        1. Golden Cafe is a casual restaurant with two rooms for seating serving both locals and tourists with a menu that features Georgian and Russian specialties and Israeli grill.

          Reasonably good, hot, kosher food in Russia is wonderful; they keep long hours and have a good web site (although not everything on the menu was available the day we went)

          We ordered the most exotic-sounding Georgian dishes they offered. We got beef, chicken, and vegetables (eggplant, peppers) all stewed in pleasant but uninteresting sauces. As is not unusual in small restaurants, there was too much oil on everything, or perhaps Russians like it that way. They served very good bread, which was paid for separately. Everything (vegetables, meat, noodles, kasha, bread) is listed and charged separately. Dinner for 2 came to $45. pre-tip.

          Overall, it was fine, but uninteresting.