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Apr 22, 2013 08:13 AM

Margaret's Fairhaven

I forget about this hidden gem until I don't, and then I'm reminded of what Chowhound is all about. You see, 99% of the people who drive by on Rte 195 in Fairhaven would have no clue about this little gem of a restaurant. But due to posters on this board several years ago I found this small hidden restaurant deep the tiny "downtown" of Fairhaven. I can't help but leave in awe every time I have the pleasure of eating here. Not only because the food is so fresh, inventive yet familiar, and expertly prepared, but it's just so damn cheap. At least in compared to the typical meals found almost everywhere on Cape Cod. For here you can get something like a cassoulet of fresh day boat scallops and lobster with grilled asparagus and garlic smashed for a mere $12.95. Or how about a lovely Scallop "Rockefeller" of perfectly cooked scallops, baby spinach, fresh chopped cherrystones, bacon, potato and cream for $13.95. The meal is served with a yummy house made focaccia and creamery butter. Friendly professional servers and a cute and slightly funky atmosphere round out the bill. Oh, and the bill for two with generous tip and too-generous tax is a mere, $39. After leaving, I once again scratch my head as to why I catch flack for not being excited by $15 personal sized pizzas in Hyannis. No comparison in value, If you haven't been.....GO!

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics.

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  1. I was having a hard time picturing a place like this in Fair Haven...Even tho up front you said 195...Doh, Fair Haven MASS!

    1. thanks! will do... I pass along that stretch once a week on my way to RI.

      1. thanks for the tip! We were thinking about heading back to Battleship Cove and would love to try someplace new for dinner. Looks like it's only about 20-25 minutes from Fall River.

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          That's about right, probably a tad less. I should have noted my review was for lunch. Dinner prices will obviously be a bit higher. Still well worth the trip.

        2. The original comment has been removed