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Apr 22, 2013 08:05 AM

Tried and True Recipes from David Thompson's "Thai Food" #2

The original thread was reaching the 400 posts mark, time to start #2.

Hoping we can all continue to post our successes and challenges and share the techniques and sources for ingredients that have been so helpful in the past.

The discussion has centered around recipes from any of D.Thompson's three published cookbooks;"Thai Food", "Thai Street Food" and "Classic Thai Cuisine", however, it looks like there's a fourth one due to be published soon, so maybe we'll add experiences with that later this year. Not to mention that ideas for other non-Thompson sources for great Thai recipes are always welcome.

Here's a link to the original thread:

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  1. Stir Fried Bitter Melon Tendrils, Thai Street Food, pg 284

    I don't think I've ever had bitter melon tendrils before, and I'm sure I've never cooked them.

    As it turns out the only difficult part is prepping them, as the vines get quite tangled, and separating out the tender parts from the woody parts takes a few minutes, but nothing major. from there it is a very straightforward veg stir fry--heat oil, add leaves and aromatics (fresh chili, garlic), add moisture (soy sauce, stock), that's it.

    If you like bitter greens, really bitter greens, these are fantastic. If not you might be like Mr. QN and ask "Does this have medicinal properties?" Hope the answer to that is yes, as two other components of the meal were crispy fried pork belly. and beer...

    1. Here is the index list of recipes tried from the first thread ever so thoughtfully written out by wew/wewwew/wewever:

      "And this thread now has its own recipe index. The dishes in the double parentheses were tried cited but not really loved.

      Massaman Curry of Chicken
      Green curry of Fish Dumplings and Eggplant
      Steamed Fish with Ginger, Celery, and Sour Plum
      Stir fried Pork with Bean and Green Peppercorns
      Red Curry of Scallops - Chu Chi
      Mussels with Chili Jam
      Aromatic Curry of Duck
      Fish Curry With Cucumber
      Beef Panaeng
      Yellow Curry of Clams and Pineapple
      Chaing Mai Curry Pork
      Mackerel Braised with Green Papaya
      Pork and Green Peppercorn Curry
      Green Papaya Salad
      Mussels and Ginger Soup
      Chicken and Galangal Soup
      Southern Fish Curry Thai Street Food
      ((Yellow Curry of Clams and Pineapple))
      Green Curry of Chicken and Pea Aubergine
      Pork and Green Curry
      Mussels with Holy Basil
      Grilled Chicken with chilli sauce
      Mussels with Chili Jam pg 502 and the Nam Prik Pao, from TSF pg 354
      Grilled Chicken - Gai Yan- from pg. 503 of "Thai Food" or pg 102 of "Classic Thai Cuisine" and
      Cucumber and Prawn Salad - yam dtaeng gwa - from pg. 350 of Thai Food.
      Stir-fried minced beef with chillies and holy basil p 507 Thai Food
      Chicken Curry with Holy Basil, Ginger and Peanuts
      ((Egg Mousse))
      Chicken Curry with Ginger and Holy Basil-p.442 Thai Food
      Kanom Jin from the Shans pg 575
      Southern curry of mud crab
      Stir-Fried Asparagus p. 419
      Deep Fried Whole Fish with Garlic and Peppercorns, pg 278 Thai Street Food,
      Pomelo Salad
      Stir Fried Water Mimosa w/ minced Pork and Peanuts, Thai Food pg. 508
      ((green curry of chicken with baby corn bamboo shoot pg 318 thai food....
      a pretty good green curry))
      grilled eggplant salad, pg. 354.
      ((Grilled Beef pg 504, This is a pretty standard))
      Roasted Duck & Lychee Salad, pg. 352
      Southern Fish Curry from Thai Street Food
      Pat prik king from pag[e] 297
      Stir Fried Siamese Watercress w/ Yellow Beans
      Mangosteen and Shellfish Curry
      Chilli Jam - nam prik pao-
      Kaffir Lime Juice Dressing with Grilled Prawns on pg 218
      Pork Satay, - Muu Satay - pg 178 Thai Street Food.
      Cucumber Salad recipe from Thai Food
      ((Grilled Pork Skewers - Muu Bing - pg 112 Thai Street Food))
      Chicken Curry W/ Ginger and Peanut
      ((green curry chicken with baby corn))
      ((Crab with Curry Powder from Street Food))
      Fish, Turmeric, and, Coconut Soup Thai Food page 266
      Green curry a few times following the basic recipe starting on p. 318 of Thai Food. I've used different meats and vegetables
      Braised Mackerel from Thai Street Food"

      and some more since then:

      -Chiang Mai Curried Noodle and Chicken Soup [Thai Food]
      -Pat Thai p.562 Thai Food
      -Charred Rice Noodles and Chicken with Thickened 'Gravy' p.140 Thai Street Food
      Green Curry of Fish Dumplings, Bamboo, and Basil with Kanom Jin Noodles pg.62 Thai Street Food
      -Red Chicken Curry with Ginger and Green Beans, pg. 431 Thai Food.
      -Pork Hocks Braised with Five-Spice Powder, pg. 292 Thai Street Food
      -Laksa from Street Food
      -Green Papaya Salad with Sweet Crispy Pork
      -Pomelo Salad
      -Beansprout Salad
      -Barumandi, Ginger, Green Mango Soup from Thai Food
      -Grilled Prawn Curry, Thai Food-Pg.315
      -Deep-Fried Spring Rolls (Thai Street Food)

      1. Crispy Pork, Thai Food pg. 399

        DT calls this "naughty", and it is. Well, anything with pork belly is, but it is also rather delightful in the same way as salt and vinegar chips are naughty and delightful.

        I had defrosted a piece of pork belly for something else, and then not used it, so this multistage four day technique was something of a godsend, but otherwise plan ahead. It is easy enough, though. Marinate the meat in soy, & tiny amount sugar/salt for 2 days then steam for 1/2 hour, then rub with salt and white vinegar, air dry 2 days, deep fry.

        Thompson says serve as a relish/titbit cut in thin slices at room temperature, but we both thought it tasted better warm. I have quite a bit left, and it can be used as a component in some other dishes....I'll report back when I get to them.

        Here it is after air drying but before frying, and then after frying.

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        1. re: qianning

          So did you end up drying this in the fridge or out at room temperature?

          1. re: Allegra_K

            room temp....I figured pork fat that was a) already marinated b) already cooked c)smothered in vinegar and salt d)about to be deep fried, could kill me, but probably not due to bacteria.

          2. re: qianning

            Is it the quiet hour after eating self fermented meat for the first time, interrogating each internal squig and twinge or is it later when just going to bed and in the first darkness remembering the lighting pattern in your local emergency room"s triage area that makes you wonder why you had to be so brave? I under went the same with Sour Pork Nubbins from Thai food. Neither is anything in macho bravery compared to severing a long thread and starting part two. Hats off.

            1. re: wewwew

              oh wewwew, so glad you found the severed half, life in Thai Food land would just not be the same without you.

          3. And what's this I read? Another book? Do tell!

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            1. re: Allegra_K

              saw it on Amazon.....but now that I look more closely, perhaps he's only writing the preface.....

              1. re: qianning

                Yes, that's Andy Ricker's book with recipes from his Pok Pok restaurants.

            2. Green Mango and Squid Salad, pg. 37 Classic Thai Cuisine

              The green mangoes in our Indian markets right now are perfect--small, firm and tart. So I bought some thinking I'd make the green mango salad in Thai Food, but that one requires never been frozen shrimp, which I couldn't track down. Hmmm, could it be that I've never made that salad because good green mangoes and fresh shrimp never happen in the same season around here?

              So what to do with my green mango? I've made this salad before, but never with the squid. Foolish me, the squid really works in this dish. We ate every scrap, including spooning the bottom-of-the bowl sauce over rice. A lovely easy salad, that by the way went perfectly with the first Gai Yang of the grilling season. Do try it while the green mangoes are still green!