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Apr 22, 2013 07:44 AM

Pastry cream with swirls

Hi guys. Im trying to create a pastry cream with swirls of jam. Anyone with good tips how to accomplish this? The goal is to have pastry cream and in it are swirls of jams (either 1 or multiple flavors) that should be distinguishable from each other. There would be some level of mixing but i am hoping theres a way to keep them separate even after piping into an eclair so that when someone bites into the eclair the person can see and taste the different flavors.


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  1. After you fill your piping bag with pastry cream, create a space in the middle of the pastry cream and squeeze in the jams, it'll come out in stripes.

    1. You can try loading three bags into one bag. And each bag can have its own jam line and then the pastry cream

      1. thanks guys....thats what i currently do having different bags in 1 bigger bag and varying the hole size of the bags to control the amount of filling for each flavor. i was trying to explore if theres a way to get them all in the pastry cream hehehehe

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          You could try loading the jams as fat "stripes" along the sides of the pastry bag and carefully loading the pastry cream into the bag without disturbing the jam stripes. Similar to the way icings are created to make swirls of color.

        2. You could load pastry cream into the pastry bag. Then put jam into a syringe and load that down the center of the bag (put syringe down to bottom of bag and slowly draw up). It would mix some as you go up the bag but still be distinct. Multiple flavors, use a bigger bag and squeeze along closer to the sides.

          1. Have you seen those shows where they are at Ben and Jerry or some other ice cream place and how they make the ice cream with fudge ribbons and other layers? Pretty much one person pours/scoops the ice cream while another pours the caramel, fudge, or whatever. They kind of take turns.

            Maybe you could try something like that, then carefully scoop the concoction into the bag. Maybe limit yourself to two jam flavors while you experiment.