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Papa Ganache of Matawan Wins 'Cupcake Wars'

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  1. I went once, during last year's Matawan Day. It was all vegan. The cupcakes were like $4.00 each. We ended up not buying anything.

    Guess I'm not much help. :) The inside of the store looked nice, though. :)

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        No, but having won this or that contest seems to be the marketing angle for various cupcake shops including House of Cupcakes in Princeton and now East Brunswick. It doesn't impress me.

        1. re: wench31

          Went last Saturday, got Key Lime Cupcake & Creamsicle Cupcake. Very small for $3.50 & very dry. Won't be returning. I'll stick with Crumbs.

        2. Have not been there if in area will try ..not a big cupcake guy but kids dig 'm
          They like this place in South Amboy


          $2.50 a cupcake

          same stuff as the more traveled, established joints IMHO
          but again ...admittedly not a conneiseur

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            I'll have to go check them out. I take South Pine every morning on the way to the train station & don't recall seeing any cupcake shop, but will check it out tonight on my way home.

            1. re: Jerzeegirl

              Its in an old strip mall with a dental office and pronting shop, cupcake place seems to be in an HVAC store ...if you go down
              south pine Ave and blink you might miss it...its just before turnoff to rt35

              1. re: oldandtired

                That's exactly where I thought it would be. No wonder I couldn't find it. There's a lot of renovations going on there & I definitely would have noticed a cupcake store sign. Hopefully they'll be open Saturday or Sunday & I'll definitely try it out. Thanks for clearing things up for me.

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                  I made it to Sugar Sugar on Saturday. I bought the Root Beer Float and Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes. Root Beer float tasted like Root Beer. Only thing I didn't like was the root beer syrup drizzled on top. It was a bit too sweet for me. Peanut Butter Cup one was delicious. Tasted just like a Reese's. I'll definitely go back to try other flavors.