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Apr 22, 2013 07:19 AM

North Yorkshire (York/Harrogate/Whitby) recommendations

Me and my husband will be staying halfway between York & Harrogate for 3 nights at the end of May.

Where would you recommend we eat?

We'd welcome cheaper and more expensive recommendations and no type of cuisine is off limits.

We'd particularly love to have an afternoon tea somewhere and fish and chips. We've heard that Whitby is the place for fish and chips, what do you think?

We'll be driving to York, Harrogate, Castle Howard, the coast etc and happy to drive for a meal too.


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  1. The Magpie Cafe at Whitby is, perhaps, the best fish & chips in the country. As someone from the north west, it grieves me to admit this.

    The recc for York would have to be Melton's or the more casual Melton's Too.

    Van Zeller in Harrogate is the Good Food Guide's readers' restaurant of the year. No personal experience but folk on another board whose food opinions I respect really rate it.

    1. This old thread may give you a few ideas. If you use the search option with the word, 'Whitby,' some other old threads will also emerge.

      I've been to the Magpie and although it's very good, I wouldn't call it the best fish and chips in England. Be ready for long lines to get in or to take away, but going early really helps with that. There are other choices in Whitby.. Trencher's is one, but I can't personally recommend it never having eaten their food.

      Betty's in York is a very traditional and famous tea room in York. You might get something posher at one of the large hotels in the area

      1. This thread should be of some help:

        It includes a long post about my food experiences in Yorkshire. Though we went to the Betty's in York on that trip, I would recommend the one in Harrogate for atmosphere.