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London recommendations?

I will have 4-5 days in London next week. Can someone give me some recommendations? TIA!

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    1. re: nats79

      I'd been meaning to try Kaifeng for years.

      1. re: klyeoh

        Why? Just interested or is it supposed to be actually good (i.e., when compared with non-Kosher Chinese)?

        1. re: brokentelephone

          Just very curious about their cooking - it's been featured by Time Out London's Eating & Drinking Guide for the past decade or more.

          1. re: klyeoh

            I have been to kaifeng several times and it is superb. I can;t compare it to nonkosher but it is absolutely the best kosher chinese anywhere. Try the crispy duck.

      1. re: klyeoh

        I've been to Mishkins, but it's not for this board as it's just a modern take on Jewish food, not Kosher by any means.

      2. Where will you be based. The majority of the kosher places are in the suburbs - Hendon, Golders Green, and further north. If you are staying in central London, these are a bit of a schlep by subway. There are a couple of places downtown, but the choice is I believe limited to Bevis Marks (very good) and Rubens (good).

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        1. re: njkosher

          There is also a huge Selfridge's in Marlybone on Oxford and Duke Streets with a huge supermarket downstairs. You can by prepackaged kosher sandwiches, etc.

          1. re: Kosher_Fiend

            This is important to know. Given a few days or a few hours in central London, I NEVER schlep out to Golders Green, etc. I mean, waste time riding the tube when I could be enjoying London? I just grab bread, etc. at Selfrige's on Oxford.

            1. re: AdinaA

              When we were in London a few years ago, we bought a lot from Selfridge's. It was particularly helpful for lunch, since it was centrally located. We also brought back a lot to our hotel room for Shabbat. Oh, and food for the plane! I knew I wasn't eating the plane food, but we ended up getting delayed and transferred to a new flight and our food never made it.

              1. re: AdinaA

                For me, riding the local public transport is part of "enjoying" any city, including London, so I don't see it as a minus.

                1. re: zsero

                  Oh I ride the tube, just, it doesn't seem worth the time to ride it out to a mundane meal. I would change my mind if someone told me there were restaurants worth going to in one of the neighborhoods. Manchester has had a very good restaurant in recent years.

              2. re: Kosher_Fiend

                I will be in three areas primarily--Central London, Hammersmith, and Regents Park. I, however, won't have a problem traveling by train/bus if it is worth it. Elsewhere on this board, I'd read that none of the places in GG were worth it, though.

                1. re: DeisCane

                  In St. John's Wood close to regent's park there is a restaurant /deli called Adafina (they supply Selfridges with their kosher stuff), which is good.

                  In Golders Green I love the Israel falafel place.

              3. re: njkosher

                Really? Haven't been to Reubens recently because I remember it as tasting like reheated airplane food. And waaay overpriced. Has it improved?

                Bevis Marks is lovely, although I haven't been to the new location.

              4. You can always look into having some of your meals catered by Hermolis, and served to you by room service, in your hotel.
                We did that years ago, and the food was fabulous. They even delivered sandwiches for us to take on day trips.

                1. My London info may be a but outdated but here goes.

                  There are packaged sandwiches available at the major train stations and the airport if the company is still in business. They are very pricey but not bad. The company name is something like D and D. It's not "chowhound" food by any means but it's fuel. I think Selridges sells them.

                  Money saving tip : Rubins has a blue plate special upstairs.

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                  1. re: SoCal Mother

                    It's DD's sandwiches (I believe they are actually owned by Hermolis but operate under a different name) and they are available throughout London at various grocery stores. The full list of locations is on their site http://www.ddsandwiches.com/

                    1. re: nats79

                      So it's just Kaifeng, Bevis Marks and Metsuyan? And maybe Adafina?

                    2. So I went out to GG today and sampled Retro Burger and enjoyed it. The food was hot, served quickly and pleasantly and the lamb burger was delicious. The chips were good as were the sauces. The smoothie needed ice though--very odd to drink a warm smoothie.

                      1. I recently came back from London, and I loved Ottolenghi (I went to the location near the Knightsbridge station). It's an awesome bakery, but what really impressed me were all the different salads available. Just delicious.

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                        1. re: Nudibranch

                          While the chef/owner may be Israeli, the restaurant is not kosher.

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                            Whoops, this came up on the "discussion" roll for me, I didn't even realize what forum it was in. My bad.

                        2. If you want a standard cafe, Orlis is in Finchley, Hendon, Edgware and I think Borehamwood; It is not bad.
                          -There is a restaurant called Kanteen in Brent Cross Shopping Center, also decent.
                          -Metsuyan is in Golders Green- have heard good things.
                          -Isola Bella moved to Golders Green- nice location.
                          Heard good thinks about the formerly known Novellino, then Bistro now...?.. on GG Road.
                          White House in Hendon (Brent St) has good Israeli food (same owners as Isola Bella).
                          If you want interesting pizza/ mllkshakes- pizzaza in Hendon or Golders Green is the go-to place.
                          There is also SoYo- same owners as Pizzaza which serves salads, froyo, pastas etc. GG Road too.

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                            Isola Bella has a location in Westfield Mall as well (which I find strange).