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Apr 22, 2013 05:48 AM

Cafe Goodfellas New Haven

Has anybody been there? I have heard raves about the food, but the fact that they have TVs everywhere showing mobster movies is turning me off from going there. Are the TVs a distraction/intrusion on a nice meal?

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  1. Although you titled this thread about a specific restaurant, the question you pose is, IMHO, quite relevant to any kind of restaurant. Sports bars aside (I really dislike sports...can't understand how one can waste hours and hours watching high priced prima donas playing a game), I think TV's ARE a distraction in the dining area of a restaurant. Like personal electronic devices (phones, tablets, etc.), they detract from the ability to hold a conversation with your dining partner(s). If I owned a NICE restaurant (think white tableclose kind of nice), there would be no TVs...all I have to do now is figure out how to get my patrons to turn their electronics off!

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      I agree with you, almost entirely! This is indeed a 'white tablecloth' type of place, and that has been what is holding me back from going there. What I am trying to say is that I am not sure that the 'mobster movies' are in keeping with a white tablecloth restaurant. If, however the food outshines the TVs, in some way, I could be swayed to try it.

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        I can't stand the way they use two pistols in place of the "L"s in their Goodfellas logo. So stupid. Makes me not want to go there.

      2. Good food, great service, and a new location. The movies are a riff on the name. Distraction? It adds a little fun, geeze...don't watch if you really need to concentrate on your food. Pistols, OMFG! Let's replace them with rainbow flags! That darn Adriana's has 2 boys sucking on a wolf's nipples, quel dommage! Seriously, Justine, give it a try, pretty sure you won't be disappointed

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          Thanks for the input BB. Some of the people who have said the food is good haven't been entirely trustworthy on that topic, which is why I turned to CH! I am adding it to my list of 'must trys'.