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Apr 22, 2013 05:46 AM

HaHa Foods Baltimore

I think HaHa Foods on Rt. 40 deserves some CH attention; Baltimore has been a wasteland for Chinese food for so long. Tried a couple of dim sum Saturday. Fried taro and ribs with black bean sauce. Both were excellent, prepared to order and serverd piping hot. A different experience than pointing to items on a cart, but very fresh. I also took half a duck home for dinner on Sunday. Love that duck. There were diners at several tables that were piled with great looking food, don't know what most of it was, but I want to go back to explore. The razor clams looked good.

Has anyone else been trying this place. i would like to hear your impressions and recommendations.

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  1. I have been there but not in the restaurant. I was rather turned off by the fish I was a language barrier...filet does not mean anything to them, so I got the front half and the back half of bluefish and couldn't do anything with them! (my fault I'm sure) but the market is great...not as good as HMart imo, but a lot closer! I want to try the resto next time...

    1. I had a long conversation about Ha Ha Foods this weekend. Since all lived on the east side of downtown, the consensus was that it was great to have the option on an Asian market on our side of the world.

      I was in the area and stopped there for lunch today. I had the shrimp dumplings which, unfortunately, were pretty lackluster. I also tried the roast duck and noodles in soup and thought it great.

      Like you, I also saw other diners happily digging into great looking food, I also definitely want to go back to try more.

      Since the menu is extensive, I'd also like to hear what folks recommend. I look forward to many visits there.

      1. So a group of about 10 of us stopped at Ha Ha last Saturday morning as part of our Baltimore Deli Crawl. None of us had been there before, but I wanted to check it out. We were all instantly drawn to the dining area and the dim sum. With a lot of us, we managed to order quite a few things on the menu. Didn't get a chance to taste everything ordered but valiantly tried my best.

        Steamed BBQ pork buns -- Big and fluffy, came out hot in steamer tins. Served with a bowl of hoisin sauce. Generally agreed to be quite tasty.

        Baked pork buns -- these were served cold, generally "ok, not great" by those that had them.

        Fried Radish Cake -- Three big squares, crispy on one side with bits of roast pork. Overall chewy and good.

        Sesame balls -- crispy on the outside with nice thick layer of chewy rice flour dough, filled with yellow bean(?) paste. These were very popular with those that got them and were as good as I've had since I've been in Baltimore.

        Soy Sauce Chicken (not a dim sum item, ordered from regular menu) -- considered excellent. Didn't get a chance to taste it myself but was told it satisfied the person who'd been longing for such ever since they left the West Coast.

        Shrimp dumplings (Shu mai?) -- so-so

        Won ton & noodle soup -- big bowl with noodles and won tons. The broth was deemed excellent, some thought the won tons would have been better if they had sat in the broth longer before they got eaten. That just might have been us eating too quickly.

        Sticky rice with meat fillings wrapped in lotus leaf (Lo mai gai) These were substantial -- sticky rice with chicken, black mushroom and salted egg(?). They were delicious and were declared by one Asian in our group to be "as good as grandma's." They reminded me of the ones I sometimes got when I worked as a kid washing dishes at a chinese restaurant. I'll order them again next time I go.

        Minced meat balls -- didn't get a chance to try these but was told they were quite good.

        Roast Pork -- again ordered off the main menu and got devoured.

        The main menu had a number of dishes I definitely want to try, including congee (various), noodle soups, and "salt and jalapeno pepper bullfrog". The roast duck, soy sauce chicken, bbq pork and roast pig hanging in the kitchen window were another reason to come back. Got a half in duck in the fridge right now waiting to be used.

        If nice surroundings and ambience matter, this might not be the place for you. It's pretty much a warehouse. The staff was very helpful and friendly and the place was busy, but not packed.

        1. went there today; said it was "closed because of explosion". I assume they are referring to the train explosion from a few weeks ago.

          If anyone finds out when they reopen, would appreciate hearing about it. It would be great to have decent dim sum close to BCity.

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            I called yesterday, 6-19. and got a recording that they were still closed temporarily.