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Apr 21, 2013 10:18 PM

Pescadero and Todos Santos, a report

Just returned from a week at Rancho Pescadero, a gorgeous and relaxing oasis on the ocean a few miles outside of Todos Santos and light years from the uproar of Cabo San Lucas (25ish mi. away). I'm surprised that the restaurant at Rancho P. hasn't gotten more love on this board. Maybe there has been a change in the culinary staff since the last postings that mentioned it, but I will absolutely vouch for the food there at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We did venture off the property for a few dinners in TS and Pescadero, i.e., to Michael's, to Carlito's and to Landi's at the TS Inn (and we went to the bar, La Copa, at the TS Inn because it had a TV showing the Final Four). The good food at Michael's, Carlito's and Landi's is well reported here, and we were very happy with our experiences at all 3. As reported, Carlito was vigorous in his recommendations, but all his suggestions were actually ON the menu, so we had no unpleasant surprises when the check came (though it really wouldn't have been a surprise if we were hit with unusually high prices since the reports on this board warned of what happens when Carlito recommends). But back to Rancho P. Every single meal was just about perfect - fish tacos (parrot fish), torta of avocado and melted rancho cheese, steamed yellow tail, pizza in the outdoor wood-fired oven in their garden restaurant (Fri and Sat night only), tortilla soup, breakfast burritos. I would go back for another week tomorrow if I could and would happily eat the majority of my meals there. Yes, it was not cutting edge nor authentic street food; but, it was food made with fresh ingredients from their gardens and from local fishermen and it was skillfully prepared and enhanced with a variety of Baja-style condiments and salsas. For those who have avoided the restaurant at Rancho P when in the area, I urge you to revisit it. And, the staff is fantastic.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting. Yes, there is a new chef and the restauant has been out of favor for a while with locals. Good to know things have improved. Did you get to La Casita?

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      We did not get to La Casita. A local real estate guy (California transplant) urged us to go, but it was near the end of our trip, and by then we hated the thought of leaving the oasis (at least leaving to any extent beyond riding one of the free bikes up the dirt road to Baja Beans). Cannot wait to go back (even though it violates my rule of not traveling to the same place more than once because it means I'd be missing out on a new place I would otherwise visit).