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Apr 21, 2013 09:56 PM

He Wants a Steak and You Want More Choices: Boy, Do I Have the Place for You!

--Rendezvous, Central Sq., Cambridge: We were back tonight for an early Sunday Prix Fixe dinner. It was another terrific meal, that included a real surprise. Moroccan lamb ribs, Portuguese sardines, Swordfish w. Caponata and Artichoke potato saute, those were all easily ordered and really enjoyed. But for my entree I was stumped. The website menu had included Steve's particularly excellent Cassoulet , and boy had I been psyched for that. But we found out that the cassoulet came off the menu a few wks ago, replaced by a braised veal dish. Hmmmmm. I wasn't in the mood for the other options, so after being reassured by the waiter, I ordered the Skirt Steak w/ garlic butter and french fries and petite arugula and parmesan salad.

And this was the surprise. Wow. Just Wow. One thing I am quite sure of is that I have never been served a skirt steak with this much flavor. The steak itself was perfectly cooked, rare and tender, and the beefy flavor was strong and clean . The chef-added flavor punch seemed to come from a deep rub/coating, of S,P, and garlic in some form. Sounds too simple to be that good. But it was stellar. Not a steak for a person seeking a huge slab of grilled meat, but it sure was a great steak.
And the accompaniments made for a perfect meal.

-Aquitaine, South End: the steak itself is not as flavorful as Rendezvous', but the truffle vinaigrette is such an epiphany that I can't not order it. Superb for dipping their amazing fries too.

What places would you recommend given the thread title?


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