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How do I upload my food recipes videos on this site?

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Does anyone know how to upload your own food recipe videos on this site?
Thank You, in advance!
Stacie Lauren Taylor

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  1. You can't do that here. And this is not a site for advertising your services either.

    Here is some reading for you: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/367605

    And an excerpt:

    "We do not permit message board postings that advertise or publicize anything -- including good causes and non-profit events. Messages containing sales pitches, hype, or come-ons will be deleted. If you're interested in advertising on Chowhound, please contact advertising@chowhound.com."

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      Oh I see. I had no idea. I will email them at the address you gave. Can I pay to upload my food videos?

      Thank you for the in-site.