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Apr 21, 2013 09:27 PM

Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips

Anyone remember this chain? I can only remember the one in Falcon Heights, but I guess there were other locations around the cities. I was only 5-6 years old when my parents used to go there and I had no clue what good fried fish was back then, but I do remember the small bottles of malt vinegar that was at every table and I loved pouring it over the fries (chips).

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  1. I remember them in Indiana when I was a kid. If you want Fish & Chips today, I'd recommend (in no particular order), Mac's on Larpenteur, Brit's on Nicollet Mall or Anchor on 13th NE near University NE.

    1. I remember seeing one along Brooklyn Boulevard in Brooklyn Park or maybe Brooklyn Center, maybe 30 years ago. There were nowhere near as many ATs here as there were back East. I do remember much preferring AT to Long John Silver's, which just struck me as a greasy parade of fried *everything*.

      1. There were two chains doing fish back then I don't remember the others name. It seems to me what killed them was that someone found a worm in one of the pieces of fish. This is the worm I remember it was about.
        The 'cod worm', which is often found in cod, is also found in many other species. Its scientific name is Phocanema decipiens; other outdated scientific names are Porrocaecum decipiens or Terranova decipiens. It grows up to 4 cm long in fish, and varies in colour from creamy white to dark brown. It is frequently found in the flesh of fish, particularly in the belly flaps, where it often remains for long periods curled up and encased in a sac-like membrane produced by the fish tissue.

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          This post apparently was moved from the MSP board before I saw it, but I believe the second chain you're thinking of was called something like "Number 10 Downing". We used to go to one on Snelling when I was a kid, and we loved that place. The fish and the malt vinegar seemed really exotic back then. After they closed we would go to an Arthur Treacher's that was a little further away.

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            There are/were a few fish/chip chains and none of them seemed to make it big. In the SoCal area, I don't think Arthur Treacher's lasted very long. H. Salt is still around but they don't seem to have many locations. The most popular one now is Long John Silver's.

          2. There's one left in Washington DC. They sell a lot of Korean food.


            There used to be another Korean run Arther Treachers off Route 1 in Fairfax, VA, but it has since folded, replaced with a tacqueria.The only major fried fish chain left in the area is Long John Silvers, which I find inedible.

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              monkeyrotica, there also used to be one near fairfax circle (at 29 and 50), so i looked online to see if it was still there. i can't really tell from my cursory search, except to see that there is some "pudgie's chicken" chain all over metro dc area (including NOVA) that is also selling "arthur treacher's fish and chips."

              as to long john silver's, i too find it inedible. i grew up in florida, and back in the day (when LJS was a new chain) they had very good food (for the type).

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                Based on my previous post, it looks like the last of the AT stores were combos with other food outlets..

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                  In the NYC metro area they seemed to merge with Nathan's Hot Dogs in mall food courtss and other such types of venues.

            2. We ate at Arthur Treacher's in Kentucky. I don't recall a LJS in the area, at least not in the 60s-early 70s.