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Apr 21, 2013 09:23 PM

Girls Weekend in May

A girlfriend and I are spending 3 nights at the Sanctuary On Camelback in May, and I'd love some restaurant suggestions in the area.
I think we'd likely do one dinner at Elements, since we're staying at the resort, but otherwise we'd like to try a couple of spots in Scottsdale.

Would prefer something on the more casual side, but great food and great wine is still a priority. (Thinking of trying 5th & Wine?)
Someplace vibey but not too loud.

If you're a Scottsdale local, and you were moving away, what would your final 3 or 4 restaurant choices be?


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  1. Since you are staying at Sanctuary (my favorite local resort) you should absolutely dine at Elements. The setting and view are beautiful. Enjoy some of the cocktails from the bar...they have a great cocktail program. I have always enjoyed dining at Elements.

    We live right around the corner from Sanctuary, one of our favorite spots in the neighborhood is Chelsea's Kitchen (lunch, dinner, brunch). Great patio, casual menu(I've never ordered something I didn't like), good service, and a wine list will not disappoint. I always take visitors straight to Chelsea's from the airport to unwind.

    You may also want to consider brunch or lunch a Richardson's. It is New Mexican influenced cuisine. Great food, great patio.

    I have only enjoyed 5th and Wine for lunch or happy hour. There are many other choices in that area for dinner. FnB, Citizen Public House, Cowboy Caio all come to mind.

    Another good happy hour patio close to you is El Chorro. The food is only mediocre, but we find ourselves there to enjoy the atmosphere.

    If you're interested in steak house....boy do we have a few choices! My favorite will always be Maestro's City Hall, but there's J&G at the Phoenician and BLT at Camelback Inn. The other resorts in the area are always worth a drink in the lobby to check them out and people watching can be very entertaining.

    Postino wine bar and LGO pizza are both winners in the area, at least in my book. Terrior wine pub is also a fav, depending on what side of the mountain I find myself on.

    Please report back. I'd love to hear where you go and what you think. That is if you ever decide to leave the lovely Sanctuary!

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      Thank you for your recommendations! I had Cowboy Ciao, FnB and Citizen Public House on a first draft list, so I'm glad to see them recommended again.
      We're still figuring things out but will definitely report back!

    2. I'd add Davanti Enoteca, Eddie's House, and Roaring Fork to that list as well, or go down Lincoln the other way to Richardson's in Phx.

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        I find Eddie's House Pretty mediocre but agree with other two. Citizen Public House is great, one of those place you can take anyone from picky eaters to foodies and they will all enjoy it.

        Also 5th and wine is fun for a girls weekend, I meet friends there for happy hour often, just not that exciting food wise.

      2. Love Sanctuary resort...Elements doesn't get much love on this board.
        Hit up T. Cooks for drinks and apps at the Royal Palms resort.
        Bourbon Steak for happy hour at the Fairmont Princess or the Prado at Montelucia is lovely for happy hour.
        Brunch at Lon's at the Hermosa.
        Kaz bar in Old Scottsdale for a great place for wine and app's.

        Have fun!

        1. Can't believe I haven't mentioned The Mission. It's loud but perfect for a girls weekend, great margaritas and food. Right in old town too so you can grab drinks after or wander around.

          1. Thanks all! There are some great suggestions here. Will we even have time to lie by the pool and go for a massage :)? We have made reservations for Elements our first night (curious as to why no love on this board?) because we are harried moms who just want to fly in and relax in a gorgeous setting when first arriving :).
            We've also made dinner reservations at FnB and Citizen Public House, but they're late-ish so we can take advantage of other spots for pre-dinner drinks etc. I will also take note of some of the restaurants for midday eating, but we probably won't make reservations just so that we can remain flexible.

            I will definitely report back our dining experiences after the weekend - thanks again for your advice and recommendations!

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              Elements certainly isn't bad, the scenery is gorgeous, I just don't think it wows people. With that being said, for a restaurant in your hotel you will be very pleased, it's well executed and tasty, but a little pricey. Enjoy your trip, the Sanctuary is absolutely gorgeous!

              1. re: nicolafrow

                Cocktails at CPH are going to be the 2nd best in the city behind Bar Crudo - so drinks there anytime are always good

                They make a killer Manhatten

                The reason Elements doesn't get a ton of love here is because while it is beautiful, the food is solid but not amazing, it is about ~$10 more per dish than what it is really warranted, and you could do better $ to meal - that being said if you are staying there it is certainly worth a go, but you won't see a ton of love from most locals if that makes sense

                They also have a pretty good cocktail program last time I was there so it is a good spot for a pre or post evening drink

                So to sum up, with PHXeater said ;)

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                  Once, elements was a major favorite of ours. It was a great venue for guests, and we also used them to host several board dinners. Then, things went downhill, and we became unimpressed. That did turn around, about two years ago, and we have been testing them, ever since. They have been doing better, but are still not back up to their previous standards, in our estimation.

                  We were there in December, and they were doing things well, though still not perfectly.

                  As they are a hot "bar spot," I sort of question their motivation. I would like to think that they understand how they fell, and are striving to get back on top, but am not yet 100% convinced of that.