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Apr 21, 2013 07:03 PM

Spring = Shad Roe and Morels

[Boy, has Chowhound changed....]

I gather it is too late for shad roe. I do see that morels are in. I just got some at the Fresh Pond Whole Foods and have yet to check Formaggio, which might have them too. BUT we are wondering whether any restaurants are serving excellent morel dishes now. Any sitings? Any suggestions from past experience? Western 'Burbs, Cambridge, and Boston are all good, but we will go farther afield if necessary.


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  1. Erbaluce was serving shad roe last evening.

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      1. re: ErstwhileEditor

        Just confirming - I got an email from Erbaluce yesterday that mentioned that they are featuring shad roe on their menu "for a limited time" this month.

    1. It's not too late for shad roe in the NE: March for NC, ~April for NJ, May for CT.

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      1. re: steinpilz

        My father got some yesterday down on the South Shore.

      2. We bought shad roe on Sunday (05/12) at Fresh Pond Seafood in Arlington. They were not cheap -- $12.99 each -- but and were very fresh and were delicious.

        1. What was "Boy, has Chowhound changed" a reference to?