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Apr 21, 2013 06:18 PM

Anniversary trip to Scottsdale/Sedona

My husband and I are celebrating our 12th anniversary with one night in Sedona (l'Auberge) and three nights in Scottsdale (Four Seasons) in early June. We're leaning toward Dahl and Deluca in Sedona for dinner (loved Casa Rustica, the sister restaurant, on our first visit a few years ago), and we have reservations at Talavera one night. We're looking for suggestions for recommendations for lunch in the Sedona area and lunch and dinners near the Four Seasons. We had hoped to go to Elote in Sedona, but it's closed the night we're there. Would love to try something similar -- authentic southwestern or Mexican cuisine. The menu at Kai looks wonderful, but I think it's too far a drive from the Four Seasons.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Elote Cafe for dinner in Sedona or the charming Garland's Lodge about 7 miles up 89A are my fave's.

    With Elote, it is so packed from the minute it opens till closing and your best bet is to put your name in right when it opens and have a blood orange marg and wait, you can do take out and take it back to L'Auberge, since I heard wait times over 2+ thanks for me but there are people that wait on the outside patio.

    Hit up the best pie place on the way back on I-17 Rock Springs exit...Rock Springs Cafe is excellent and their pie is legendary..

    Garland's Lodge is a 3-4 course set meal within a lodge that is so charming and the food is quite good.
    Spent several anniversarys and its always a good time.

    FS in PHX is one of my faves and hit up Bourbon Steak at Princess Fairmont for happy hour or dinner, Binkley's in Cave Creek, Durant's in downtown, Lon's at the Hermosa for b/l/d...lovely patio and great food.
    T. Cooks at Royal Palms is a gorgeous place to have dinner..heard some rumblings on not on its A game lately, but we have always had great meals there.

    Have a wonderful time and Happy Anniversary!

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      Thanks for the great recommendations. The pies at Rock Creek look delicious; we'll definitely have to stop there. May try Binkleys, as well. Looks unique.

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        Pies are fab..blueberry and pecan are my faves.
        Binkleys is excellent.
        Heard Museum cafe gets lots of love.