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Apr 21, 2013 06:15 PM

2013 Fresh Produce etc.

Hey all, I am always wondering when certain seasons will start and where to find them. For example asparagus season is in full swing, but I have no idea where to get them locally. All I can find is Mexifornian. So to that end, could anyone answer for the following products?

1) Spot Prawn Fest? Last I looked they hadn't posted a date yet.
2) Morel Mushrooms. Should be soon if the weather holds up. they've started in Oregan and parts of Washington.
3) Sea Asparagus/Sea Beans. When and where.
4) Fiddle Heads. When and where.
5) Asparagus. Local. closer to the Valley would be preferred please as I'm in Walnut Grove.
6) Strawberries. Local ones should be in a month or two, thought I'd put them in anyways.
7) Halibut. Should be soon. just curious when it starts officially so I can check Steveston.

Thanks for any and all info. Cheers and happy spring!

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  1. I've seen fresh halibut at Costco and Whole Foods, so I think it's definitely arrived. Another few weeks before we hit spot prawn season.

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    1. re: Quattrociocchi

      Prawns season generally opens the first week of May ran across the website the other day but it's such a ripoff I won't look again.

      Halibut has been open for some time-according to Alaskan sources prices remain high and sales low how long they can keep that up I dunno-expect no relief from rapacious retailers here though and as always Beware last year's fish sold as 'new'.

    2. Finest at Sea has fresh Halibut.
      As for asparagus: in this region the season has started as early as beginning of May, but is generally later. Aldergrove, Abbotsford and central Washington are nearby growing areas for asparagus.
      Strawberries, grown undercover, might be available at farmers' markets by early June. Otherwise... with the rain and recent cold, I'm thinking strawberry season will be late, and short.

      1. Spot Prawn Fest down at the Wharf is May 11.

        1. Morels - are very trickling in very slow at the moment. “as soon at the nights stay a little warmer we will then see the crop really take off”.

          Fiddle heads from northern BC are available now. Fiddelhead fern(east in may)

          White asparagus now.

          Other in season now or on the next few weeks,
          artichoke/ Vidalia onion/ corn/ rhubarb/ english peas/ fava beans/ green beans/ arugula/ elderflower/ leeks/ spring onions/ watermelon

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          1. re: betterthanbourdain

            Thanks for the info. BTB. Do you know where to get local/BC asparagus? White or Green?

            As for the list at the end... are those local BC products? Or Mexifornian et. al.?


            1. re: Jzone

              I was referring to locally grown products.
              currently arugula, spring onion, fava beans, leek, spring garlic, fiddleheads and wild ramps are available.
              you might see some green asparagus in the market this week, possibly from hannah brooks
              but as for white i believe there are from France atm

              1. re: betterthanbourdain

                I've never seen local asparagus and always believed it just couldn't thrive here. I spend a few years in Niagara and the fresh asparagus was always the first sign of spring. The farmer would deliver it in cases to the back of the restaurant and I'd just eat 'em raw outta the box. Still warm from the sun...beautiful.

                So please tell me where to get the Hannah Brooks asparagus!?! Which market?

                1. re: coliwoggle

                  I believe they'll be at the Trout Lake market tomorrow.
                  I usually go to the Kitsilano market on Sundays and they're typically there.

                  Asparagus grows fine here -

                  I have some in my garden :-)

                    1. re: coliwoggle

                      Our chive flowers have come on gangbusters in the week we were away in SF -- time for local asparagus "carpaccio" with lemon vinaigrette and fresh chive flowers again, woohoo!

                      I usually find that even area greengrocers start getting the local 'gus in now-ish. Though it doesn't compare to the thin, delicate stalks from my dad's (and it sounds like, from kinnick's) garden, it's still pretty good.

                    2. re: kinnickinnik

                      Ack - Correction - I meant to say SATURDAY (note to self - don't post when sleepy...)

                      1. re: kinnickinnik

                        Picked up some wonderful/gigantic Spinach from some Chinese farmers @ Steveston today-Nature's Farm/Natural Somethingorother?

                        Those folks are @ many of the markets their stuff is great prices very reasonable and they're a friendly lively bunch.

            2. I've posted this chart here in the past: Farm Folk/ City Folk's seasonal produce calendar