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Apr 21, 2013 06:14 PM

Windmill Restaurant In Westfield NJ Is it still at this Location???

Never been to this place,But have only found their footlong beef/pork blend hot dogs once in shop rite supermarket and would like to visit the actual Restaurant.Has anyone been to this place recently? Doesnt seem they have many locations in jersey.

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  1. Most of them are near the shore; Long Branch, Asbury Park, Hazlet, etc. There is one in Westfield which is closest to me. The dogs are very good; prepared well on a griddle.

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    1. re: hotdoglover

      Thanks for the Info,appreciate it! Too bad they dont have any windmills in the bergen or passaic county areas....Had callahans in fort lee,little ferry,& hasbrouck heights who were also good,all closed up as im sure you know as well.I Still miss my fat mikes in hasbrouck heights!

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        Where is there one in Hazlet? I know there was one on Rt. 35 across from the Home Depot, but that closed, or did it relocate?

        Also there is one in Red Bank.

        I don't recall if I've ever asked you this HDlover but which do you prefer, Windmill or Max's? (Long Branch) I personally don't care for Max's they over grill/cook them in my opinion.

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          I've never been to Max's but I believe they use a Schickhaus tuber and Windmill uses Sabrett. As for the WM Westfield location, I did not find it to be anything special and not worth the detour off the for the Schickhaus Hot Dog, I find them to be a pretty good choice for home BBQ....the Foot Long is replicated and served like Max's in the Grill Room @ Deal Golf and Country Club.

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            Steer clear of Max's. The food is nothing special, the ambience is dingy, the prices are on the high side for what they are serving, and the owner woman who works at the cash register is nasty to customers .... even those who have given her absolutely no cause to be treated that way. The attitude one gets from Max's isn't compensated for in the least by the mediocre food and inflated tab.

            IMHO of course, but let's just say I speak from 'personal experience' as a dining patron on several occasions.

            1. re: bakersma

              Mrs. Max is 94 years old and no longer works the register. Her daughter in law Jennifer is a very pleasant person. Max's is not cheap but I like my dogs sort of well done. I do prefer Max's to the Windmill. They (Max's) serve Shickhaus, Windmill serves Sabrett beef/pork. I've compared the dogs several times side by side as both places are close to each other on Ocean Ave. in Long Branch. Every time I've preferred Max's. My wife did as well. The Windmill in Hazlet may no longer be there.

        2. The Windmill in Westfield is and has been open for business

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              100% correct, I think its now called A-street deli or something. Horrible spot for anything food related as there is zero parking even with the municipal lot.

              Maybe why Windmill didnt stay