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5 Guys burgers

In the mood fr a burger tonight. Did not have anything on hand. DH said he'd go for takeout. Bun was gummy and inedible ditto on the fries. Burger was overdone and tasteless. The fixings were drowned in mayo, and I like mayo. Won't go there again. Burger is a giant step up.

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  1. You've had the typical 5 Guys experience.
    I really am a loss to understand the appeal of these places. It's a fast food burger, nothing more (and not even a particularly good one).

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      Well-run 5G shops are few and far between. There's only one I frequent in NoVA, and that's where the chain started. Between the gummy, steamy bun and the hit-or-miss fries, there's really no reason to bother seeking them out.

    2. Usually I like five guys but this weekend my burger with ketchup, mayo and grilled onions was way too wet! The mayo was out of control!

      1. I had it once thinking I must be missing out on something.

        Over done and greasy and I like burger blends on the fatty side. Fries were ok not great.

        Have no reason to go back. I'm not a fan of fast food burgers and was hoping for better

        1. I wish I had a 5 Guys burger right now.

          1. I've been to the one Thousand Oaks a couple of times. A couple of things stood out to me.

            Patty a bit over done without a lot of flavor.

            Fires, could have been great. They use a good potato (usally a Burbank Russet as opposed to the more common Norkotah). But, they were grease bombs.

            1. Weird. That doesn't sound anything like food I've had at any 5 Guys.

              If your food was literally inedible, I hope you spoke to the manager.

              1. Take out is generally poor at Five Guys. Their burgers & fries need to be eaten in the store. They do get soggy / gummy as take out.

                One advantage (beyond their toppings) I find with Five Guys burgers is that they tend not to be over powered with salt as typical at every other fast food place. Perhaps that's why you find them "tasteless": I bite into a McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, etc burger and about all I taste is salt.

                My problem with Five Guys is their humongous portions. I understand the large-sized "small" burger is needed to hold the toppings, but their fry & drink portions are way over the top for me.

                I like having grilled onions & mushrooms on my burger. Now if only they had grilled peppers.

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                  I've only been to 5 guys a couple of times. Burger seemed pretty good. Nothing great and certainly not worth the price. The first time there I made the mistake of ordering a large fry. Just the spillage alone would have been enough. And they weren't good. Limp and greasy.

                  For about the same amount of money, I like Smashbuger much better.

                2. I can not understand the appeal, but have noticed a trend that the people that like it, know absolutely nothing about food. I have had it twice (figured the first time was a mishap). Exact same thing Gummy bun, as you said, the burger was well done and tasteless, but even more disturbing had strange marbling almost like particle board (pics from people who love it on Facebook show this eerie configuration too). The fries, which people rave about we like wet noodles. Awful food and in my opinion much worse than the usual BK, MCDonald's and Wendys

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                    I love 5 Guys and I worked a significant portion of my adult life in professional kitchens with classically trained chefs. I know a thing or two about food.

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                      I know a chef from a high end NYC French restauarant who eats McDonald's every day off. He summed it up to me like this "I know what I'm eating is awful and I could have a great hamburger anywhere I want and that is exactly why I love McDonald's." Knowing a thing or two about food doesn't make something good. I grew up around gourmet foods and I can't stand lobster. Not because I know or don't know it's not good, but I hate the taste, That being said, I can tell a good lobster from a bad one.

                    2. re: jhopp217

                      If you've had unusually bad experiences at 5 Guys (or other restaurants), it's fair to say that your particular experiences have been poor -- and what you're describing sounds bad, indeed. It also sounds like the exact opposite of what I've gotten at 5 Guys in the past. Please don't assume that everyone who's had decent burgers & fries from a different 5 Guys than yours are ignorant about food.

                      1. re: Boston_Otter

                        It's pretty consistent with what I've experienced at 5 Guys, and I wouldn't say people who like it know nothing about food either.

                    3. I guess here"s your chance to say why you like it..I've had it and found it average. .

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                      1. re: rochfood

                        I thought the burger was average. I think people like the idea of a lot of toppings, but the reality is if you put on too much you're going to have a soggy burger. I think if you pick your toppings wisely, you can have a decent burger.

                        I did like the fries. A lot. I'm sort of craving those fries. But people have different taste in fries: I like thicker, more potatoey fries. If you like the very thin, crisp McDonalds-style fries (which IMHO are only edible for about 90 seconds after the come out of the frier before they turn hard and starchy), you won't like Five Guys.

                      2. Ditto on all! What a disappointment! The second visit was too provide a check on the results of the first visit and it was just terrible! 5 Guys Burgers from Hell!

                        1. The reason the Five Guys burger is so appealing is the simplicity of it. In no way does Five Guys try to be something that it isn't. There is no bone marrow mixed into the patty. No truffles, no microgreens, no miso. The bun is a soft white sesame seed bun. No brioch rolls, no ciabata, no house made kaiser roll. While the list of topping options is impressive it does not overwhelm you. There is no Hollandaise, bernaise, aioli, wine reductions, demi glace or any other sauce better suited for the French Laundry. This is not Burger Bar. They are not trying to be Burger Bar.

                          Five Guys is a classic American burger. End of story. A small piece of Americana that can be held in your hand and consumed. While I prefer fries of a different style I can appreciate the simplicity behind the fries at Five Guys: slice potatoes, dunk them in hot peanut oil, sprinkle them with salt.

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                          1. re: jpc8015

                            Thanks for the list of what Five Guys burger is not. It is also not, in the opinion of many here and else where, representative of the classic American Burger. The "End of Story" was written for me after my second visit. Glad you enjoy them!

                            1. re: Bacchus101

                              When I want a classic, CONSISTENT, medium rare American burger from a chain, I go to Shake Shack. Instead of a soggy, doughy bun, I get a toasted potato roll. Instead of soggy fries, I get perfectly crisp crinkle cuts that taste of potato instead of peanut oil and failure. Instead of a grey well-done, mass, I get medium rare perfection. Instead of hit-or-miss, I get a consistent experience time and time again. Not cheap, but neither is Five Guys. And you get what you pay for. End of story.


                            2. re: jpc8015

                              Thanks, jpc. You put it very well.

                              At no 5 Guys anywhere have I received a soggy, doughy bun, soggy fries, or a tasteless burger.

                              1. re: Boston_Otter

                                If you're ever in Brevard County, FL, I will take you to 2 Five Guys operations where that's exactly what you'll be served.

                            3. Five Guys has pretty mediocre burgers, although their fries more than satisfy. Move away from chain burgers and explore your culinary hole-in-the-wall world!


                              1. I just ate at a 5 Guys for the first time. It was really good ( for fast food). No soggy bun or soggy fries. Everything was made to order, fresh, hot, well seasoned. I am not sure I could ask for more of a chain burger and fries place.

                                Maybe the location makes a difference and they are not as consistently good or bad as other chains.

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                                1. re: sedimental

                                  I am at a loss when people say they ate there and the burger was "made to order," because even their websites states that all burgers are cooked well done. They go on to state that they feel the optimal way to cook a burger is well done and juicy, which is a difficult trick with a 3 ounce burger patty.

                                  1. re: jhopp217

                                    I would not eat fast food burgers (or any cheap beef) that is not well done.

                                    "Made to order" meaning cooked when I ordered it. I watched them make it, unlike many other fast food places that have them already made up - and you are handed a burger 60 seconds after ordering it.

                                    My burger was well done, hot and juicy with fresh topping (not under a heat lamp). I have no complaints about it.

                                    1. re: jhopp217

                                      It's made to order because each burger is made as it is ordered with the toppings the customer requested. I have no issue with it being well done because it is a thin, fast food burger.