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Apr 21, 2013 05:19 PM

Suggestions for dairy brunch in N.Y.

We're attending a family reunion in June and want to go to a dairy brunch on Sunday morning. The reunion activities will be I the Lower East Side, but I realize that finding a dairy brunch I that area may not work out. Does anybody have any suggestions for us. There probably will be between 20-30 people.

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  1. My most favorite on 72nd will meet your needs. I can't think of any other dairy places in Manhattan that can do brunch for that many.

    1. For that amount of people I would suggest Garden of Eat-In in Midwood, Brooklyn. They have a separate room that people use for parties that would probably work for you. Also, it is a block from a subway station (albeit not one that goes to the LES directly).

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        I believe I heard that Garden of Eat-In has downsized, and no longer has the second room. I could be wrong, so check it out.

      2. I would suggest asking Noah's Ark to do a parev brunch, as far as I know it is the only kosher place on the lower east Side apart from a small pizza shop. But it would not be far to go to Tiberias on 34th Street, some of their dishes are good, some not so exciting.