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Apr 21, 2013 05:16 PM

JCK Original, whats your favourite knife?

i have two carbon next knife (petty and gyuto) and i love them, they work well for me and my cooking tasks. Looking to add to my collection with a purchase of a Santoku. I wanted to know from whom have brought JCK knifes what has been your favourite?

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  1. I have several knives I bought through them. The Knifeforums Honesuki is a particularly good one though, I have many different knives that were all very good for what they were purchased for.

    I purchased a Zhen Santoku for myself and later for my mom at a nominal cost which are very good. You don't have to spend a ~$100 to get a good Santoku. ;)

    1. Despite that I had a really great experience from JCK, I have only bought one knife from it: the JCK CarboNext Santoku. Interestingly, my purchase list is more diverged than I thought. Several knives (4-5?) from Chefknivestogo (Mark RIchmond). Two from two individiual eBay stores. One from Japan Blades. A few from physical stores like 'Knife' and 'Chan Chi Kee' from Toronto, and Sur La Table....etc.

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        Chem..I though you bought your Kono HD from Tosho?

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          Oh yeah. Sorry. I mixed them up. Yes, I bought it from Tosho. Both stores are small, but Tosho is noticeably large -- maybe twice as large. Of course, Knife is located in the middle of the city, so its rent will certainly be higher.

          Pete, have you bought any knife from these two stores? I know you like to buy products from local stores.

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            I bought my 3 Moritaka from Knife and my 3 Konosuke from Tosho(+ 2 Kasumi from "The Healthy Butcher") all local proprietors..

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          'Chan Chi Kee' from Toronto

          If I ever go there, I see a small suitcase stuffed with 3 or 4 of their knives. If I could only find them locally ........

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            I see. You live in Arizona. That may be a tough place to get these knives. I suppose you can always buy some from Mark Richmond (Chefsknivestogo). Actually, Mark's prices are not any higher than the official CCK store. Yet, the good thing about shopping in person are: (1) I can really see the knives up and personal, (2) the selection is much larger and better.

            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              Yes, you are correct. It's not always only about price. For something I'm not familiar with, I will pay extra for better customer service at a "brick and mortar" store if that is an option. Plus, as you noted there is no substitute for putting the product in question in my own hands prior to purchase and having a large selection to choose from also lets me choose the right one for my intended use instead of making do with a choice from limited stock.

        3. The Carbonext 240mm Gyuto is probably my favorite knife at the moment. handles well, sharpens easy and has formed a really neat almost marbled patina. I've had it for about 2 years now and it has held up well to daily use. I'm looking at adding a petty, and i'm eyeing the JCK offerings :)

          1. Shun Ken Onion hollow ground santoku 8"

            1. I have the Gekko nakiri and the CarboNext gyuto in 210mm and 270mm. That nakiri is a very nice knife. It is my wife's favorite and sits out all the time, so I also end up using it a lot. Easy to sharpen and holds an edge quite decently.

              The CarboNext's are knives I reach for when I want a thin knife (when I'm worried about wedging -- winter squash or some such). I had difficulty getting them sharp for the first time -- I hadn't worked with a knife of similar geometry before. There was a bit of a learning curve, and none of the various beginner tricks (sharpie, etc) were any help. They are good solid knives but I prefer both my Hiromoto AS (about the same price) and my Devin Thomas ITK (rather more expensive).