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Apr 21, 2013 05:15 PM

Freezable/One Handed Food/Summer

My first baby is due end of August. I'm planning on stocking up the freezer (normal one that is above fridge) about a month beforehand. I hear that one handed foods are ideal. We don't have a microwave, but do have a toaster oven for reheating. We live in the middle of the midwest, so stews are probably not the most seasonally appropriate thing. So far, all I can think of are:

- peanut butter banana muffins
- stuffed shells with veggie/tofu filling

Any advice on what else to make? Any tried and true favs?

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  1. Have you looked at OAMC? [Once A Month Cooking]

    Here's my thread that is mostly links:

    1. >> Lentil soup (becomes one-handed if you put it in a mug)
      >> Empanadas
      >> Vegan Paella w/ brown rice and tempeh (not exactly one-handed, but freezes pretty well.)
      >> Kale sauteed w/ cannelini beans (or any sturdy greens/beans combo)
      >> Pesto (if you freeze it iin ice cube trays, you can store it in a zip-loc bag and just thaw a few to toss w/ pasta)
      >> Hijiki-carrot salad (most seaweed doesn't freeze well, but hijiki does. If you like the flavor, it's full of nutrients and all you'd have to do it thaw it overnight in the fridge.)
      >> Frozen mixed berries are good to have on hand for smoothies. Costco sells a great organic berry mix. If you freeze cubes of some green superfood drink, like Naked, you can add them to make an extra potent smoothie.

      1. Calzones. They do well in the toaster oven.

        1. hummus, and freeze in small tubs, with a bag of cut up pita wedges.
          cut up mango, pineapple, melon cubes, frozen in ziplocks, not at all the same as fresh, but convenient and less waste (you may be too tired to cut up fruit and remember to eat it)
          pre-built cheese sandwiches for grilling/toasting
          mini-pizzas, or calzones

          1. Baked oatmeal squares, faux larabars, meatless balls, pre-made smoothies, burritos....