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Apr 21, 2013 02:59 PM

Dinner in Tech Center Area [Denver]

I am coming to Denver once a month for meetings where I'm staying in the Tech Center area. Are there any good independent/non-chain restaurants within easy driving range?

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  1. I've enjoyed the meals I've had at The Tavern. It's casual but the food was very good. They're a chain I guess, but only have locations in Denver. Good cocktails too.

    There's a handful of traditional steakhousey type places in the area like Shanahans, DelFrisco's, Brook's. Those depend on how big your pocket (or expense account) is though :)

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      Thanks Julie. Local chains are good. One of my business partners is joining me for dinner so maybe I can get him to take me to one of the steak places ;)

      1. re: deI

        Good luck! I've not been to any of the steakhouses but I know my boss favors Brook's :)

        Also if you're looking for a lunch or quick dinner, I love the burgers at Larkburger. Another local chain, but pretty much the best fast casual burger I've ever had. There is a location on Belleview.

        1. re: juliejulez

          Something I always tell people re: Steakhouses in S Denver- I will gladly go to any of them if someone else is paying.. the only one I would spend my own money on is Del Frisco's. Just the best piece of beef I've ever eaten and the service is flawless. I've been 5 times I think. Crazy, stupid expensive.. great wine list... predictable "solid wood" decor.. boring menu.. but simply perfect execution. The meat is crusty w/ salt, pepper and "carmelized fat" (is that possible??) . Potatoes au gratin are worth the trip alone. Really- it's amazing. Brook's, Shanahan's, Fleming's, Morton's... nice places but a distant tie for second IMO.

    2. Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria will be opening soon in the Vistas at Park Meadows. Owned by same local chef/restaurateur who owns Mizuna, Osteria Marco, etc. There is also an outpost of Cru wine bar in the PM area and Richard Sandoval's La Sandia (small chains but good). Shanahan's has happy hour in the bar which should be kinder to your bank account. If you don't want to hassle with driving, you can take lite rail from the DTC to downtown Denver, as your opportunities for excellent dining increase.