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Halloumi cheese

Bought a package and I have no idea how to use it.

Should I grill it?

Planning on using it tomorrow night.

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  1. I slice it and then cook it in a frying pan (no oil). I usually serve it with chilli-steeped olive oil and lemon. I'm a big fan of the squeaky cheese! It's so expensive in the US though - $11.99 in my local Whole Foods. In the UK I used to pay about £3 for a block!

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      It's not that expensive if you get it in an ethnic market probably closer to £5. Whole foods is always high on the markup.

    2. Grilling is great; you can also pan-fry or sear it. You didn't mention whether or not you want to season/marinate it, or what else you're planning to have for dinner. There are so many ways you can go with halloumi...

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        Well, we are all just getting over being sick. I figured soup and something with the halloumi.
        Still not feeling 100% and I don't think the halloumi is gonna happen tonight

        SOme great ideas. Will prob grill or sear and serve over salad.

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          I'm sorry you've been under the weather :( Feel better! When you're ready to enjoy the halloumi, I have a few suggestions:
          - Marinate the halloumi and chunks of onion, zucchini and peppers in a mixture of olive oil, fresh herbs, garlic & freshly squeezed lemon juice in a covered bowl in the refrigerator for 30 - 60 minutes. Shake off excess marinade, and slice the halloumi into cubes, thread onto skewers and grill. Serve with grilled chicken or salmon.
          - Marinate in olive oil with chile flakes or sliced fresh chiles & garlic for 30 minutes. Dice halloumi and butternut squash (use approximately a 3:1 ratio of squash to cheese), and pan-fry in olive oil until squash is softened. Toss with cider vinaigrette and fresh torn basil, parsley or mint.
          - Brush halloumi, eggplant slices and portobello mushroom caps with harissa. Grill until cheese & mushrooms are firm & eggplant has softened, and stack together with roasted red peppers and fresh arugula or spinach leaves.
          - Grill halloumi until firm, cut into cubes, and toss with watermelon chunks, lemon vinaigrette & fresh mint.
          - Marinate in olive oil, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic & freshly squeezed lime juice. Cube, thread onto skewers with shrimp marinated in the same mixture, and grill. Serve with salad, sautéed spinach or other vegetables.
          - Marinate any way you like, grill, and dice. Toss with quinoa or couscous & vegetables.

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            Wow, GHG! So many great ideas (vegetarian, to boot!) Thank you! Note to self: Must get some halloumi soon!

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              Thanks! I'm planning to try the first idea, since I have everything.
              Would it work in a grill pan?

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                  So I finally got around to cooking the halloumi!! Between bronchitis, a cold, stomach virus, and a trip to the er, it's been a busy few weeks :(

                  Anyway, I made a marinade (in the blender) with lemon, parsley, garlic, olive oil, black pepper. Skipped the salt b/c I figured the cheese might be very salty. Used cubes of halloumi, zucchini, grape tomatoes, and chunks of mushrooms. Skewered them, and like a genius, realized the skewers would not fit in the pan. Broiled them-- delicious!!!!! My 2 yo ate two skewers!

                  Thanks again :)

        2. We pan fry it or grill it. And serve on a salad usually (add some artichoke hearts and quickly cooked cherry tomatoes) with pita bread and dress with a garlicky lemony dressing.

          1. We like halloumi tossed in flour and chilli powder, then deep fried for about half a minute, then eaten immediately. Sooo good!

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              I often do a version of this but using smoked paprika instead of chilli powder and shallow frying in only a little oil.

              I fried halloumi love it as part of a salad, with asparagus (there is a delia smith recipe which pairs it with caper and lime dressing which goes so well with the halloumi) and this weekend we had it to top a lemon and fennel bruschetta.

            2. Fry it in olive oil and sprinkle with parsley and a little chilli - or lemon & mint

              A standard offering in any Cypriot mezze meal (often served with lountza, which is pretty much impossible to get other than on the island - if you can find a smoked pork fillet in your part of the world, that would substitute)

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                Lemon, mint and chili are my favorite toppings on halloumi. You can also add the dressed halloumi to a watermelon salad and switch out the mint for basil.

              2. We recently had grilled Halloumi sandwiches prepared with grilled tomato slices, thin slices of grilled lemon, a garlicy tahini and pitted green olives on grilled lavash bread. Nice easy to pull together dinner sandwich with a salad.

                1. Sliced and grilled or pan seared until brown in a little olive oil. Squeeze of lemon juice.

                  Grated on buttered spaghetti and sprinkled with dried mint leaf.

                  You say you bought a package. I do not know what quality this might be, or what hardness this cheese might have. Is it the aged kind or the fresh kind? I will assume the fresh kind as it is spring in Cyprus right now and fresh cheese is abundant. When grated on spaghetti it is better with the aged variety, but work with what you have. If you can get some lountza, as mentioned by 'Harters' in this thread, do it. Heavenly. Here in New York we substitute "Canadian Bacon" for lountza with fine results. (Cured and smoked pork loin).
                  Grilled or pan seared Halloumi with or without Lountza on pita bread or any bread sandwich with sliced tomato and sliced cucumber... you are doing well for yourself.....

                  1. I've used a recipe from book I think called spice by a Boston chef whose name also escapes me. The idea tho was to pan fry it (no need for oil) then serve with a date, toasted almond and arugula salad tossed with a mustardy balsamic dressing. Sweet, salty, nutty. It was delicious.

                    1. I'm personally not a huge fan of deep frying at home - but when I have the option, deep fried hallumi is excellent.

                      1. This salad is fantastic: http://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/...

                        Most of the time, though, I just grill it until it gets black char marks and eat it plain. Salty, squeaky goodness.

                        1. I'm so glad you asked about this cheese. When I posted the OP "Hot for Halloumi" only one CH joined me on the thread.

                          Some great ideas. I happen to really enjoy this cheese and hope to find some new sources for buying it beyond the super markets.

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                            I'm sure iGourmet has it - you can stock up on some more chocolate chevre while you're at it ;)

                            And I'm sorry I missed your "Hot for Halloumi" post - I would have been happy to join in!

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                              I OD on chocolate chevre for now, thanks :) I wound up giving two thirds to guests because it was too much of a good thing.

                              And while I'm not opposed to online cheese buying once I've tasted the product, I'd rather shop in a store.

                              I have a problem with the too salty halloumi. Still searching. Thanks tho, ghg.

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                                The "too salty" halloumi is often the harder aged halloumi better suited to its traditional use grated as a pasta topping. Astoria, Queens, NY is always a good place to start for brick and mortar Greek grocers. Titan foods and Mediterranean foods are two good grocers that carry halloumi. But if you search Greek grocers near your city you could always ask them to order some from their suppliers. My local Greek grocer carries only one brand and although it's ok, it's not always what I want. They are willing to order me anything I like or want. Very accommodating.
                                The best quality and variety always has dried mint on it.

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                                  I really appreciate those shopping tips Gastronomos, thanks!

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                                    I hope you find one you like! If the salt is still too much for you, soak the cheese in fresh lukewarm water or milk for a few minutes, then rinse before preparing.

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                                      What a difference a soak makes! I soaked the halloumi in a milk bath overnight and rinsed. Wow, so worth it!

                                      Next stop, the Greek grocer in Kenilworth NJ.

                          2. While the Home Cooking board has picked tacos as the dish of the month, I stumbled on this recipe over at Serious Eats that uses Halloumi cheese (or any grilling cheese) as one component of the taco filling. With the grill up and running at our place and the weather reporting warm sunshine, this is what's for dinner Sunday!


                            Nice use of Halloumi cheese!

                              1. re: Gastronomos

                                Saving this one for when my tomato garden is in full fruit mode! Thanks!

                              2. The watermelon I had could have been a tad sweeter but I know it's early for it. Otherwise, this was a tasty treat for lunch.


                                1. I took a clue (a delicious clue) from David L and made his take on fried halloumi cheese served it along with some white bean spread, veggie chips, deep fried olives and mini pastrami sandwiches.


                                  Halloumi is best enjoyed immediately and we didn't have any trouble polishing off the dish.

                                  ..don't miss some of the other delicious suggestions further down the linked page.