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Apr 21, 2013 02:44 PM

Gigantic oyster mushroom cluster! What should I do?!

Take a look at this beauty! Picked it up was a huge pile of other mushrooms at Produce World (Schiller Park) yesterday. It is a lot of stem, but it is very fresh!
The wife has a gigantic pot of mushroom barley soup simmering away on the stove (with oyster, shiitake, crimini, and dried porcini).
Decisions decisions!
Thinking about brushing the whole beast with butter S & P and roasting at 400, slicing into 1" slabs and either batter dip or just flour dredge and pan fry.
Any thing else come to mind?
BTW- that's a penny on the lower right

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  1. The center might be a bit woody.

    1. Saute in butter. Salt and Pepper. Enjoy

      1. There's nothing better for mushrooms than sauteeing in butter. As you know they shrink tremendously. I would cut it up. God knows what's at its core - possibly a chunk of growing medium, or a branch.

        1. I might've cut it into quarters, dip into a tempura batter, get crispy, and dwizzle on some Ponzu sauce...

          1. One of the best salads evah! My wife, who hates mushrooms loves it.