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Gigantic oyster mushroom cluster! What should I do?!

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Take a look at this beauty! Picked it up was a huge pile of other mushrooms at Produce World (Schiller Park) yesterday. It is a lot of stem, but it is very fresh!
The wife has a gigantic pot of mushroom barley soup simmering away on the stove (with oyster, shiitake, crimini, and dried porcini).
Decisions decisions!
Thinking about brushing the whole beast with butter S & P and roasting at 400, slicing into 1" slabs and either batter dip or just flour dredge and pan fry.
Any thing else come to mind?
BTW- that's a penny on the lower right

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  1. The center might be a bit woody.

    1. Saute in butter. Salt and Pepper. Enjoy

      1. There's nothing better for mushrooms than sauteeing in butter. As you know they shrink tremendously. I would cut it up. God knows what's at its core - possibly a chunk of growing medium, or a branch.

        1. I might've cut it into quarters, dip into a tempura batter, get crispy, and dwizzle on some Ponzu sauce...

          1. One of the best salads evah! My wife, who hates mushrooms loves it.

            1. Oops those look like matsutakes. Saute in a stir fry. My bad.

              1. Roast! Or grill, if you're in one of the areas where spring is actually here already.