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Apr 21, 2013 02:15 PM

Pho #1 Woburn 2013...

My friends and I went yesterday and had a fabulous lunch. I can't say enough nice things about the servers and staff there. I've been coming here for at least five years and have never been disappointed.

I know that some chows are not on board with this little gem, but I am a huge fan.

Most people in the restaurant were eating a big bowl of Pho with chopsticks, so I think they are familiar with Asian cuisine. :) I eat with chopsticks, but not for soup or rice yet. Sigh...

Our order for 5 was:

apps: Fresh Spring rolls - average
Chicken Satay - excellent
Crab rangoon - more than excellent, these got raves from everyone

Then we ordered a couple of Larb Salads (really excellent), Thai Basil Fried Rice (my favorite and everyone raved), Pineapple Fried Rice (good, not excellent tho), Drunken Noodle with Chicken (excellent, great wide noodles) and Chicken Curry, (good, not spicy enough for me)

We ordered Vienamese coffee and a Durian Shake. (very nice)

Again, I love this little place and was happy that my friends loved it too.

We came in around 1:30pm and the place was packed, but we only had about a ten minute wait. When we were seated, the waiter stayed on top of our water glasses and even brought us wine glasses for our bottle.

I hope you'll give them a try, if you haven't been.

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  1. By coincidence, I met a friend there for lunch last week. We both enjoyed our lunch very much and I agree about the very pleasant staff. I had a medium bowl of pho with rare beef -- should have ordered small -- very good, all the fixings there, the broth was not as deeply-flavored as some and I could quibble about the amount of five spice, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did my friend his West Medford Pad Thai which came with seaweed soup, a mini egg roll and a dumpling, all of which he loved.

    1. Are we going to the same place? Service is quick and efficient but cheerful? I have never even seen the two waiters smile and I thought it might be different at dinner but both of you went at lunchtime so I'm a bit mystified. I'm a guy so that might have something to do with it ;-). The food is still very good and today I went for another Woburn Combo that comes with soup (lukewarm) and a dumpling and a spring roll both of them very nice. Main lunch dish was Duck Basil that comes with crispy roasted duck topped with string bean, mushroom, carrot, bamboo shoots, onion, red bell pepper and basil leaf in thai spicy basil sauce. Nicely cooked veggies and tender duck made for a very tasty lunch and it even had a bit of heat in it, could have done with a bit more sauce and the rice was almost cold but it was an enjoyable lunch. Small place and always very busy at lunchtime.


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      1. re: Ferrari328

        I thought the same thing Ferrari, when I read your blog post.

        I never get the "specials" on the menu, ever. I find that most luncheon specials in any Asian restaurant pretty blah. If you want a good, spicy dish, try the Thai Basil Fried Rice, or the Pork Kra Pow. I can personally vouch for these.

        There were five of us the last time I went and everyone loved the dishes we split. I was the only one that thought the curry dish was just okay.

        1. re: mcel215

          o.k. we are FINally going to get there now. thx for the reminder!