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Apr 21, 2013 01:54 PM

Bushwick - Chinese Menu? - (Cypress Ave & Starr St)

Found this great spot in Bushwick, food is amazing, don't really know how to order of the Chinese Menu?

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  1. It is a fairly standard Cantonese menu, with the noodle and rice dishes on the right. There are all the usual dishes with a few unusual choices with bitter melon (don't often see it with fish). Anything particular you need translated? The handwriting is clear (or I couldn't read it all).

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      I don't have a lot of experience ordering from a Cantonese menu, a friend ordered me these white noodles with beef which was delicious. If you would be so kind as to recommend something or just a general idea of how to order.

      1. re: thedoctor137

        Here goes:
        The left column starts with a long list of dishes with choi sum, basically a kind if cross between mustard green and Chinese broccoli, then goes on to dried sauteed stringbeans, then has "drunk" spare ribs, twice cooked pork,eggplant with garlic sauce, and tofu with sliced fish. The next column, starts with a long list of dishes with bitter melon (with beef, pork, chicken, spare ribs, fish, etc.) then has stwed tofu, Buddhist's delight, pork chops with tomato, ditto with eggplant, with salt and pepper, Peking spareribs, and another pork chop dish. The third column has fancy fried rice, winter melon with spare ribs or squid, tomato with egg, tomato with beef, spareribs with black bean sauce, various dishes with dried tofu twists, various in eggy sauce, mapo tofu, spareribs with eggy sauce, and squid with sour veg. Th last column has Singapore rice noodles, fuzhou rice noodles house special noodles, beef chow fun, etc.
        I am sure this isn't the whole menu, there are surely over rice dishes, fried rice, etc.

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          I see that I forget to mention that on the far right there a number of dishes with ox tail.

          1. re: swannee

            Thank You so much! I'm gonna try to order!