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Apr 21, 2013 01:07 PM

Moving away

A good friend of mine is moving to Seattle in a few weeks. He sent me a request for the top five places he had to eat at before leaving. After sending off my list, I stayed up second guessing myself. So now I pose the question to all of you. You're moving away. Where are the five places you HAVE to eat at before you leave town. Let's just assume money is no object and the tasting menu at O Ya is totally in play.

I know there are many lists like this out there, but I'm not talking about new experiences. I'm looking for places that bring about fond memories.

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  1. One is Sullivan's...for the experience of it

    1. In terms of good food I'd really miss. I'd go to Bondir, Sushi Island and Monica's Mercato for an Italian. I'd probably stop into Coppa for lunch as well.

      Pizzeria Regina (NE) and Charlie's Sandwich for breakfast would qualify in the fond memory category.

      There aren't a ton of places I'd HAVE to go to.

      1. You might consider posting this on the Seattle board - they might know better than us what they're missing out on.

        To that point, I think at least one good red sauce Italian American place should be on the list.

        I would also add Oleana and Hungry Mother as two places that are pretty unique.

        1. Places that have good memories for me:

          Oleana: I've always liked the food here, I used to live right around the corner and the patio is very pretty

          Island Creek Oyster Bar: yes Seattle is a big seafood town as well, but platters of Island Creek oysters and some good cocktails in a cool atmosphere would be a nice send-off

          Il Casale: I had a wonderful dinner here once getting one of their family-style prix fixe menus, and this is one of my favorite Italian places in the area, so go and get "the Ferrari" for a blow-out

          Craigie on Main: just screams Boston (ok, Cambridge) to me, and they can put out some amazing dishes

          Strip T's: interesting food, nice story, and another local spot for me

          1. While Seattle has excellent seafood, they do not have New England style fried clams (that I could find at least) -- I'd add a meal of fried clams somewhere (Clam Box, Tony's, etc.) before he leaves!