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Apr 21, 2013 12:54 PM

Where can I find small containers of Argo, or other non-aluminum, baking powder in SF?

I've looked at a few Safeway stores, Andronicos, and Smart and Final and all only have Clabber Girl. Andronicos has one other one, Calumet I think, but it has aluminum in it also.

Smart and Final has a store brand non-aluminum baking powder but only as a 60oz container which is way more than I can use before it goes bad. Typical containers of Clabber Girl are around 8oz I think.

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  1. I bought Rumford at Andronico's about a month ago. Berkeley Bowl has it.

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    1. re: wally

      Thanks, I must have remembered wrong. I thought it was Calumet that Andronico's carries. I just remember BP there was really expensive compared to Safeway.

    2. Pretty sure I got some @ Trader Joe's.

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      1. re: sundeck sue

        Thanks, I didn't think to look there; didn't realize they carry baking ingredients to be honest since I don't think of them as a regular supermarket.

      2. Rumford baking powder does not contain aluminum, a good thing because food prepared with it does not have the mineral-y taste.

        In collage, years ago, in my foods lab we had to test baking powders. Clabber Girl, Calumet, and Rumford. Ironically, all 3 are made in the same place in Terre Haute. We baked a single recipe 3 times. Once with each of the different baking powders.

        Rumford has the highest CO2 yield, Calumet next, Clabber Girl the least. You could see it in the baked goods. Since then Rumford is the only baking powder I use. In Kroger (Ralph's to you) they stock it in the natural foods section, I have also seen it in so called 'health food" stores.

        Amazon has it in a number of different sizes, up to a 5 lb. container. You'd have to do a lot of baking with that size to use it all before it goes stale. In looking on Amazon I found they are producing a reduced sodium baking powder.

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          I found 60oz tubs of Al free baking powder at Smart and Final, but like you said, it would take me a very long time to use it up. I might use 1 tablespoon every week or two. It was only $4.50 for the tub IIRC.

          You might find this post interesting:

          I managed to find an Al free baking powder at Fresh and Easy market. It is their store brand and the ingredients and nutrition label are exactly the same as Argo. Might be the same thing, I have no idea.

        2. I ended up finding some aluminum free baking powder at Fresh and Easy on Clement. The ingredients are the same as Argo. I hope they stick around -- that's actually a very nice little market.

          1. I've bought Rumford at Whole Foods. Small, 4 oz., can. WF has its own brand, too, but I'm not sure it's AL free.

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              The WF brand, 365, baking powder is Al free. The ingredients are actually the same as Rumford but different proportions because cornstarch is the last ingredient in Rumford, but the first one in 365. I think the sodium in the nutrition label is different also.