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Apr 21, 2013 12:05 PM

Kid-friendly/best take-out pizza in Bethesda?

Traveling with three and five year olds, staying at Bethesda Marriott for three nights. Resigned, vaguely harried foodie mommy seeks at least better than average take out pizza option and any other thoughts on noisy places with better than average chicken fingers ...

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  1. I'm very fond of Mia's Pizza. Their pizza is excellent and they are pretty family friendly.

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    1. re: msjess

      Mia's is great, but for something a little more familiar to kids, you could also try Corner Slice.

      1. re: msjess

        Hey- thanks a lot! That's actually exactly where we went and it was delightful. We got there at around 5:15, sat down quickly, polished off a Jorge's inferno, a Mia, an Alsace, and a margarita and 5 cupcakes (my sister and her husband and two kids from Philly ended up surprise joining us). Anyway, we went on the yelp pics, and it was perfect.

        1. re: country mouse

          I wouldn't be surprised if we see Corner Slice too before we're done, but we're visiting local Friendster the next two nights, so it all worked well tonight.

      2. I'll add Vace as a good pizza - takeout only.

        1. Haven pizza is great and kid friendly with large booths and tables