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Apr 21, 2013 12:03 PM

Rustic Kitchen

Such an incredible meal I just 'tried' to finish here in Boston.
I got the baked rigatoni ~
oh my goodness sooo good sooo hot sooo cheesie sooo thankful for the Manager Katrina who was very gracious and accommodating to this 'very picky about her Bolognese sauce ' girl.
This restaurant is not only beautiful and warm and welcoming but the fun of watching the gentleman make my meal as well as the pizza's in the gorgeous ornate pizza oven was so fun and neat to watch.

Just order the baked rigatoni or not (if you'd rather dine on something else).
Just know it's REDUNCULOUSLY wonderful.

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  1. Nice to know there's a good entree there, as I've been generally underwhelmed by their entrees. I do like their calamari, and the proscuitto appetizer. Their pizzas are generally good as well. We go there a decent amount pre-theater as there's always seating. I'm actually going tomorrow before Book Of Mormon, so I'll try the Baked Rigatoni. Thanks!

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      did you go&if so, did you get the baked ziti?

      1. re: iL Divo

        We did go, but my wife and other dining companion were more interested in apps, so I passed. I will say that the apps were all fine, except for the calamari which was just a bit overcooked, and so a bit rubbery. Too bad, as I've had it there before and it's been cooked perfectly.

        1. re: kimfair1

          I know it was brought up to me while there that they suggest their apps as they're known for some of them.
          I'm not a usual app orderer, as it's usually just time to get the main course, I'm hungry and need my meal, not a tease. I've gone to dinner with a school mate of mine (he lives in Boston) a few times. He seems to choose places that are more app/tapas then main courses.

          Pasta is always a good choice for when its' a bit cold outside and the wind is howeling so the baked dish was the ticker for me that day.

          Truly loved the inside, the pizza oven, the fact that they feature a cooking school in the back that you can be part of and it's taped for tv, as well as Katrina the manager. She brought my baked rigatoni direct from the pizza oven and it was steaming HOT. Burned my tongue, my fault > couldn't resist or wait, so good. Loved also that the other half of my very filling meal, went with me for later for my dining pleasure.