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Apr 21, 2013 10:41 AM

GBD Fried Chicken and Doughnuts in Dupont Circle - Report

GBD stands for golden, brown, and delicious, and that is an apt description. Probably the best fried chicken you'll find in DC.

The menu is a bit weird. though. No breast or wings until dinner. Brunch has only a part of a chicken tender on a biscuit for $3.25. I have never been served what looks like a third of a chicken tender ripped apart.

I don't see much of a purpose in eating fancy donuts unless they are cooked to order, and these are not. We sampled five flavors, and I wouldn't get them again. The 'pate a choux' cruller was supposed to be fried to order, but mine wasn't.

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  1. Y'know, that fried chicken biscuit for breakfast sounds mighty tasty.

    Thanks for the report.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      SInce the chicken piece is so small, it is pretty much a biscuit with maple butter sullied by a morsel of chicken.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          It's a sweet potato biscuit, so more 'gluey' than most, and the maple butter makes it too sweet. Not enough chicken to counteract this.

          You'll do much better with the quarter dark at lunchtime.

    2. You can't be serious? Absolute worst fried chicken I've had in dc. It's burnt and bland, I don't mind small because I hate huge steroid filled chicken pieces but I'd gladly take a "bulletproof" Chinese takeout over this... And I hate "bulletproof" Chinese takeout! Not everyone can master fried chicken and GBD has a lot of work to do.

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      1. re: Chiba2

        I had their chicken breast for dinner, it is small (only a half breast) but phenomenal. Like being invited to the best picnic ever. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

        I'm looking for an opportunity to go back, and I'll be curious to see if my experience still holds or if it is terribly inconsistent. My piece was not at all bland.

        1. re: Steve

          My experience was terrible and I will not be back. I'm better off frying the chicken myself. I employ you to venture out before going back to GBD, I'd like to see your updated post then.

          1. re: Chiba2

            Seriously? I can't think of anyone here who has "ventured out" more than Steve.

            1. re: Chiba2

              I completely respect anyone whose taste is demanding, so I am totally open to the idea I got lucky. The list of places where l like the fried chicken is:

              Rays East of the River (RIP) - best when it was open
              Flavors - but i don't recommend other items there
              Horace and Dickie's
              Rays to the Third

              I've been to GBD three times. Once for brunch, which is a waste (mostly donuts). Once for the quarter dark at lunch, and once for the breast at dinner. I am partial to white meat for fried chicken, dark meat for all other preparations. So my favorite is the chicken breast at dinner (not available at lunch).

              But I will go back for dinner at some point.

      2. Is Hitching Post still operational?

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        1. re: Mister Big

          I believe it has new owners that planned to change it up a bit, though still keep some of the menu. That was a while back.
          I was there years ago and wasn't interested enough to return.

          Also I've had the fried chicken years ago at Florida Ave. Grill, where I used to go regularly. Back then, the stuffed baked chicken was my go-to.

          1. re: Mister Big

            Yeah I was just there for Mothers Day actually. Had the chicken and it was still very good. The batter seems perfectly seasoned with just salt and pepper (not sure how they manage not to burn the pepper). The skin is crunchy but still thin not the thick rhinoceros hide that so many fried chicken places seem to produce lately. And the breast remained perfectly moist. My mothers chicken soup was rich and hearty but pretty salty.

          2. Another fried chicken: I tried the takeout from Pearl Oyster Drive a few weeks ago (when it won a recent Washingtonian fried chicken contest), and was not disappointed. $19 for 3 huge pieces of chicken, biscuits (small), collards, and...yams? I can't remember the last bit. We split two orders among 3 of us, and it was too much food. The chicken was pretty knock-out delicious.

            It was really easy to put in a telephone to-go order (on a Friday night around 7), but you have to pick it up at the bar which is kind of annoying since you have to fight the drink-ordering hordes.

            1. Recently stopped by GBD Fried Chicken for a quick dinner the other night. The chicken portions are indeed small, but it's a fair value given the price per serving. The fried chicken is very lightly seasoned, with a thin, crumb-like coating. I appreciate it for what it is, though I am a bigger fan of double-dipped extra crunchy chicken. Butterscotch bacon donut was superb. This combination of flavors could get cloying very quickly, but GBD nailed it. All in all at $17 for chicken, donuts and a beer, it was a decent meal. Not a place I'd go out of my way for, but a solid option for takeaway in the neighborhood.

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              1. re: JungMann

                I thoroughly enjoyed the passion fruit cake donut I ate there a few months back. I keep meaning to return to try a scone or another donut.